Sunday, July 29, 2007

all nighter

damn it, every time i want to sleep in i get a sms in the mornin and i cant go back to sleep after that(and yes pam & cheryl its from the same person). nvm gives me a chance to blog...

went for evening mass yesterday and then went to pam's place to celebrate our birthdays with cheryl, daisy and ant. we were gonna order pizza for dinner and in the end pam's family were eating musscles and prawns n pasta for dinner so while waiting for our pizza we kinda joined in. haha, was all really good =) and the prawns were the giants ones and ant was scavenging for the heads.

and when the pizza came pam was goin out to pick up daisy, so i and cheryl were entertained by ant playing eric clapton on pam's acoustic. cheryl was so sick of it haha.

and daisy was so sweet, she 'secretly' made cookies for us. haha, she didnt want us to know she was baking cookies casue it was supposed to be a surprise, but her mom kinda lets us know, haha. though thanks daisy, they were good =)

and just for the whole birthday tradition thingy pam stuck a candle into the meat lovers pizza and we went through the whole cake ritual(obviously without the cutting since its already cut) and i dragged pam into blowing the candle out with me since it was for both of us.

and when we were clearing up i wanted to do the dishes(just casue its been so long, haha, weird i know) but daisy wouldnt let just joined ant in maja-ing diamond...shes so cute...then we spent the rest of the night playin burnout 3 and dynasty warriors on ps. haha, pams sadistic nature was satisfied when we were playing party crash...

Thanks you pammie wammie, cheryl weryl, ant and daisy =)

the musscles
the huge prawns
our meatlovers 'cake'
cheryl's "i dont want pineapple" hawaiian pizza
and daisy's 'secret' cookies

thanks again you all.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

tekong cough

my bloody tekong cough is damn irritating. on monday the food didnt suck for once, we had nasi berani, and it was least compared to the rest of the week's food.

now on to more happier things, my book out. haha. didnt plan anything in advance this week, thouh we kinda ended up doin the same thing as last week. CS, pool and a movie. played cs at peace center with nic, jo, ben, julia, daph, aloy and chris(though he got bored every now and then so he kept changing game, and so to just screw with him i told him to log into my shattered galaxy account to irritate him casue i knew he wouldnt know what was goin on)

then after that we went for dinner at the food court, we all had wester on recomndation by julia. i had lamb chop and it was good. havent had lamb in over a month! yay! then julia suddenly asked if we wanted to watch transformers(and that began one long journey)

first we thought we would go to bishan and watch, just simpler for everyone to go home(me, nic, julia) and in the mrt station there was an axs station so i though we should check the times, and lo and behold bisahn only had 1145 or so and was only left with first row. so ok, nvm thought we'd go to cathay. and then cathay had no screenings of transformers. so ok, try plaza sing. also only first row left and next show was at 230.

so ok bit demoralised(nic was kinda ok with it, but julia didnt want to go home so early and i didnt want to waste my book out) so went back to the axs to check times and came between yishun and marina, or watch after mass. long story short we went to marina to watch the 0025 screening. and we go there about 1050 or so, and julia wanted to draw some money so we checked the directory n didnt find any dbs/posb so ok, thought nvm just go get the tickets first, in the end the dbs atm was just outised the cinema area. and since we had like an hour to blow we went to play a few rounds of pool. cause was either bowling,(julia was wearing slippers and nic was lazy to take of his converse high cut) arcade,(no one seemed interested) or pool(obvious choice).

SIDE NOTE: i know its technically a day late, but been busy ok, anyway, happy birthday pammy wammy, haha!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


attended mass with julia, ther, ed, eddy and was a lil surprised, expected more people, but then again i came early(when im early there is usually almost nobody, or very little people i know there. but when im late almost everyone is there)

n after went for another 'impromptu' round of cs with ther, ed, daph and peter(who kept changing sides) at first was ther and ed vs the rest and then we kinda realised ther was kinda good, so went to the good old Eagle vs the rest. and ever now and then ther would complain when she died. then one of her frens came so we did a rebalace and was me, ther and her fren vs ed, daph and peter.

lots of mindless killing, good fun. haha. after that talked a bit with daph on the way to amk hub casue had to meet mu cuz for new york new york(and so the bitching begins)

the food was only MILDLY ok. we had a steak and the ribs. the wedges that came with them were good, the actual meat wasnt that nice. my cuz said the ribs tasted like char siew and the steak was quite bland, plus the mushroom sauce that came with it wasnt that nice. the float wasnt the spectacular either and the serve normal soft drinks from a can(for what ever reason i dont care, but i find it a little unprofessional) and the waffle was horrible(the honey tasted like they froze it and the thawed it, the ice cream was brittle, how i have no idea and the powder sugar the sprinkled on was really unnecessary and just made it taste bad)

half for taste, 1 for atmosphere, quarter for service, 1 for presentation, half for price. TOTAL: 3 and a quarter. we were considering giving it a second chance but the waffle was the final nail in the coffin.(end of bitching)

after that horrible experience we went to swensens to remember what dessert was supposed to taste like.

First time, ignorant. Second time negligent.

all things fall into place

ok my first sat book out, honestly while thinking bout it in camp thought stuff would be really rushed, but it all kinda fell in nicely, and as usual everything didnt go acording to plan...

Original Plan: book out 10am, back home and ready by 12. 1230 lunch with eXcess followed by LAN, Harry Potter and prata till late(with pam.k and marie).

What Actually Happended: 8am ferry, got home at 1030. read peoples blogs and went out for lunch(j8 macs) at 2 with nic, chris and julia. then as we(i and nic) were finishing our food, jo calls n tells us shes at j8 and meeting daph to meet us for the LAN gaming at the place itself. so we just tell her to join us while waiting and go together. then half way through our gaming daph n jo had to leave for mass but by then ed had come so we made it Eagle(me and ed) vs The Rest(chris, nic julia) n tim came, after his long MIA.

then we all kinda got bored so went over to play a couple rounds of pool and ed had to go off. so went to j8 and went to go check movie times n realised that they were either sold out or sellign fast, and most only had one by one seating left. so went to the AXS machine to try and see if there was any other cinema to watch at but no luck cause all the shows were too late(and daph, jo, terence and tim couldnt stay too late) so in the end only chris, nic, me, julia, timmy and eddy watched the movie(casue nic said he would watch it tmr again so those who want can go with him)

and just went for dinner n slacked to kill off 3 hrs before the movie. and during dinner pam.k calls me n tells me she n marie are too tired after work so they wouldnt meet us for prata, which worked out casue then we could cancel prata n just hang round j8 till 11.

and now my dearest cuz who has been buggin me to go out for a meal told me that she needs to go to amk tmr(so stroke of luck since i'll be around there) then she asked me what i wanted to eat, so said been wanting to try new york, new york. and she burst out laughing casue she was thinking the same thing.

SIDE NOTE: thank you to pam.y, cheryl, ben, eddy, nic, chris, becky, daisy for the sms
SIDE NOTE: thank you to pam.y, nic for the comment on friendster
SIDE NOTE: thank you to pam.k, marie, daph, mom for the call
SIDE NOTE: thank you to julia, ben for the shout out on their blog

Saturday, July 14, 2007

bmt jokes

ok here are some running jokes in the company/platoon and i doubt many of you will understand most of it.

Some you might get:
'Do you have a golden mouth?'
'Are you ok?'
'Cut the crap'
'Half left down'

And those you may not:
'Dont waste my time'
'Hurry up, fish want to book out already'
'Tonight the fish never book out cause they know i got duty tomorrow'
'I call my lawyer'
'Naval Divers'
'SAF Engineers'

And those you wont:
'Ala ke pom po!'

Nick names:

Platoon 3. Whatever it Takes.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

resort living

yes, goin back to my resort soon, haha.

so sad, early book in so cant go play lan with everyone, haha. have a carbine round dedicated to me ok? haha. but was ok, spent the afternoon after church following daph around AMK hub lookin for a new phone. and had lunch with her and peter at mos burger. since everyone else had something to do and was the first time she didnt have to spend sunday afternoon with her family(and i didnt want to go home so early haha)

as you can see i brought back the music section, just casue i was lookin for this song since i heard it on the radio and my cuz just randomly sends me the link! what odds. haha. but really happy that i found it, been watchin it over and over again =) especially love the acoustic bit, but thats just me haha.


SIDE NOTE: thank you to the 2 darlings who came to see me. and to my shadow for stoppin by too. and to my 2 dear cousins who gate crashed my birthday party thing, haha. =)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

thank you my dears

yay! finally off mc. thus off house arrest. and im doin fine! i CAN take oily and milky stuff now. so happy! the one part i hate about being sick is not being able to eat what i want when i want(more or less the loss of my freedom)

yesterday the best friends a guy could have came over again. and they brought my shadow along, though it was an hour late. and they are getting the whole 'just walk in policy' haha. played starwars monopoly but wasnt fun casue no one was losing(i.e pam wasnt winning) and team random(aka the dark side) thought they had the upper hand casue they had more properties, but the rebels had more money. so in the end we just gave up(casue it was boring, and casue we got side tracked with gossip and forgot whos turn it was, so we just kept on gossiping)

today goin shoppin(with my darling cuz) for something for someone, haha. since everyone else is at the CAYC thing. but thats ok, mom wants to celebrate my birthday today since she wont be around next week, and since 47 is comin here any way.

love how things just work out.

SIDE NOTE: ed is a bad banker. stick with psycology. haha

Thursday, July 5, 2007


spinning, faster and faster. faces flash in an instant then disappear. loneliness settles in. the echoing silence chills the spine. words said and not meant. actions done and the heart's lament. the guilty claim innocence. the innocent are punished as the guilty. still life goes on. sparks of hope flutter in this endless darkness. yet they are extinguished as soon as they are lit. and the cycle continues.

dont know why so emo today. think not enough sleep. will try gettin more. or maybe need more food, haha. been hungry the whole day. just ate 20 min ago and im hungry again. not good. not good. i hate being sick. just that much worse that im emo while being sick.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

bored no more

pam n cheryl came over today to visit me =) haha, had the most fun since sunday(concidering i was in hosp the whole time)

we played pirated spongebob monopoly(pam won by default, never play monopoly with a tax collector. it doenst end well) which we abandoned half way casue of char seiw bao(and no i didnt eat any, still on the no oily or milky stuff thing) we also made floats(cheryl had a root beer one, pam had one with sprite and mine had no ice cream in it, haha)

spent most of the time after that gossiping. then that got boring so we started doin random stuff and cheryl took some pic(couple of me killin pam, couple of her killin pam....haha) all in all had a good time. thanks you two =)

some pictures:
cheryl's money
my money
pam's money(very messy rite? tsk tsk)
the char seiw baos came, so game stopped. haha

under house arrest

well not officially but close enough with my mom naggin at me and someone else threatening to put me back in the hospital(haha, yes i know you just care bout me n i think its really sweet)

before i go on. NO ONE FREAK OUT! i am OK now. everything is FINE. ok. FINE!

so yes i was in hospital from sunday night till tues afternoon(and thought i could go for h2o but wasnt feeling that well just yet, went to bed at 730pm n got up at 530am) i was admitted for gastroenteritis and mallory weiss syndrome(and i cant believe how good i got at spelling that). the gastro thing wasnt so bad the mallory weiss thing freaked me out.

is basically a tearing of the esophagus casue by vigorous retching and thus causing me to vomit blood(haha, anyone freaked yet? muhaha)

so they starved me for a day and then put a scope down to check it out. and casue just before the procedure they gave me a sedative i have a lot of holes in my memory during the scope. i remember it goin down, tryin to swallow and then gaggin a lil n the doc told me to stop it. so jsut concentrated on breathing after that. then the scope came out n next thing i know im back in the ward n saw my parrents, doc said not to get up for the next 2 hrs then knocked out. woke up to see my pc and coy safty officer n was a lil shocked. they jsut stopped by to check on how i was doin. then knocked out again and woke up to see the doc who told me everything was ok, they saw the tear and there was no more bleeding and they saw the ulser and its clean so there should be no problem there and i should be discharged the next day.

and that night they finally fed me! haha, was the best porridge i had in 2 weeks(really, tekong porridge is really bad) and the whole of 47(my mom's side relatives) came to see me and so did my cuz. then mornin was quite ironic casue the doc was telling me no oily or milky food while i was eating lontong(which the hospital gave, and btw the nurse mis heard me when he asked if i was on a mulim or non-muslim diet casue i said non-musil but got muslim) and lunch was a lil worse where i got mee goreng that with deep fried fish that was drippin in oil.

and through out everything the drip was incredebly annoyin, and little freaky when the blood kinda went into the drip. and since i didnt use my right hand in over 24 hrs had to spend the first hour gainin back all motor skills i lot(haha my excuss for not playin cs properly now)

ok, back to comatose for me!

SIDE BLOG: went for mass with jo, daph, julia and lil timmy on sunday n after that we had lunch with one of jo's friends, julia's mom and ec at the coffee shop casue jo had council meeting. then we thought we would go play pool at the golf academy. then as we passed it we changed our minds and thought we go slack at a cafe so wound up at ickimo for ice cream. then lil timmy was tired after eating the ice cream n went off after jo came. cant remember what happened but the meeting ended early or something. then casue while waing for jo(and timmy was sleeping) ec me and julia started talikin bout sushi and when jo came she said she wanted samon so ended up goin back to thopmson plaza for sushi and the salmon thing then to julia's to eat it. and then i had to go off casue of the booking in thing.

and got side tracked by the hospital thing, haha. but anyway thanks all for making my first book out a good one with the movie, pool/lan and chillin/sushi. =)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

running out of time

what motivation is there when your searching for your fairytale and see everyone else's fall apart before their happily ever after. to see something that is supposed to be so stong be so fragile and crack under the simplest pressure. missunderstandings abound. rivers of tears flow. scars form and some say they will never heal. some move on and dont look back. pushing it out of their lives just to get on. its there hope for any of us?

sorry all, may not have time to put up my writings from camp. cross your fingers im not out till too late today. cya in another week, if i behave well. haha.