Wednesday, July 4, 2007

under house arrest

well not officially but close enough with my mom naggin at me and someone else threatening to put me back in the hospital(haha, yes i know you just care bout me n i think its really sweet)

before i go on. NO ONE FREAK OUT! i am OK now. everything is FINE. ok. FINE!

so yes i was in hospital from sunday night till tues afternoon(and thought i could go for h2o but wasnt feeling that well just yet, went to bed at 730pm n got up at 530am) i was admitted for gastroenteritis and mallory weiss syndrome(and i cant believe how good i got at spelling that). the gastro thing wasnt so bad the mallory weiss thing freaked me out.

is basically a tearing of the esophagus casue by vigorous retching and thus causing me to vomit blood(haha, anyone freaked yet? muhaha)

so they starved me for a day and then put a scope down to check it out. and casue just before the procedure they gave me a sedative i have a lot of holes in my memory during the scope. i remember it goin down, tryin to swallow and then gaggin a lil n the doc told me to stop it. so jsut concentrated on breathing after that. then the scope came out n next thing i know im back in the ward n saw my parrents, doc said not to get up for the next 2 hrs then knocked out. woke up to see my pc and coy safty officer n was a lil shocked. they jsut stopped by to check on how i was doin. then knocked out again and woke up to see the doc who told me everything was ok, they saw the tear and there was no more bleeding and they saw the ulser and its clean so there should be no problem there and i should be discharged the next day.

and that night they finally fed me! haha, was the best porridge i had in 2 weeks(really, tekong porridge is really bad) and the whole of 47(my mom's side relatives) came to see me and so did my cuz. then mornin was quite ironic casue the doc was telling me no oily or milky food while i was eating lontong(which the hospital gave, and btw the nurse mis heard me when he asked if i was on a mulim or non-muslim diet casue i said non-musil but got muslim) and lunch was a lil worse where i got mee goreng that with deep fried fish that was drippin in oil.

and through out everything the drip was incredebly annoyin, and little freaky when the blood kinda went into the drip. and since i didnt use my right hand in over 24 hrs had to spend the first hour gainin back all motor skills i lot(haha my excuss for not playin cs properly now)

ok, back to comatose for me!

SIDE BLOG: went for mass with jo, daph, julia and lil timmy on sunday n after that we had lunch with one of jo's friends, julia's mom and ec at the coffee shop casue jo had council meeting. then we thought we would go play pool at the golf academy. then as we passed it we changed our minds and thought we go slack at a cafe so wound up at ickimo for ice cream. then lil timmy was tired after eating the ice cream n went off after jo came. cant remember what happened but the meeting ended early or something. then casue while waing for jo(and timmy was sleeping) ec me and julia started talikin bout sushi and when jo came she said she wanted samon so ended up goin back to thopmson plaza for sushi and the salmon thing then to julia's to eat it. and then i had to go off casue of the booking in thing.

and got side tracked by the hospital thing, haha. but anyway thanks all for making my first book out a good one with the movie, pool/lan and chillin/sushi. =)