Friday, August 22, 2008

General Notice

this is just a friendly announcement to everyone who is ever going to be eating my cooking. DONT LET ME PLAY MY PSP WHILE IM COOKING!!!

i had left the frozen chicken in a pot of shallow water and went up do check my phone, then since i thought the rice would take a while to be done i picked up my psp and thought i could finish a round before i had to go back down. luckily dad came to pass me a kelly swet cd, if not id never notice the burning chicken!! and if your wondering, no it not as bad as that time i went to someone's place for a steamboat and said person cracked the glass cover(thought that very well could have happened)

and yes i know i said id blog more, but my left finger tips hurt(when i type) from playing my new acoustic. and im not interested in trying to type with one hand! so you all will just have to wait for some funny thing to happen to me or for my left finger tips to go numb

PS: play psp only need thumbs
PPS: becky please dont tell mom i almost burnt down the house, again. ironically i just cleaned the kitchen before i started cooking, so you can tell her the kitchen is clean now(though filled with smoke)still looks ok right??? wasnt that badly burnt just the bottom so i just cut around it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

*jaw drops*

i'll just make this a quick one, rushing off to work...

this is seriously scary! watch and be in awe.

Kicker: he is 10.