Tuesday, September 8, 2009


picked up a book on playing bass the other day from yamaha. on the first page is a list of jokes. here is one (ant i think you'll like it):

A father bought his 15 year old son a bass and coupons for 4 bass lessons for his birthday. The boy goes for his first lesson and when he comes back his father asks him what he had learned. 'The first 5 notes on the 1st (E) string' says the boy. The next day the boy goes for his second lesson and when he gets home the father asks him what he has learned. 'The first 5 notes on the 2nd (A) string'. Then next day, the boy come home very late and smelling of alcohol and cigarette smoke. The father once again asks him what he had learned during the lesson. To which the boy replied:

"I didnt go for the lesson today. I had a gig."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Still Here

yes! im still here, dont worry, just catching up on a back log of work. Getting minutes out, wedding stuff, ect.

Posts to come:
North District Youth Rally
Novena Procession