Monday, August 31, 2009


Thank You to the following:
Freda for doing deco & music
Eddy & Timmy for music
Jo thanks for running around so much
Chris; Thanks for organizing and pushing mobile sales, think we would be sitting on 2 or 3 boxes of chocs if not for you.
Julia, thanks for cooking the french toast and not letting the bread go to waste; you got down and dirty even though you were nicely dressed.
Rach, Joyce, Jared & everyone else; thanks for helping AND taking over with the fried rice (that went in like 10 mins)
Terence, thanks for running out to the shop at the back with the order for the shop auntie
Fr. Kenny; thanks for not screaming and killing me!
EVERYONE ELSE: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING UP YOUR SUNDAY MORNING. i know there was probably a few other things you could be doing, but thank you so much for your dedication to the youth movement!
to our suppliers: THANK YOU SO MUCH! for giving whole heatedly to a bunch of kids, needless to say we could not have done anything without your contributions.
and most importantly: Thank You God, for being with us this whole weekend and providing for us this funding for our up coming events.

We are filled just to be emptied again

(right now i have quite a few other things to do; pack my bag, look for an army towel for eddy and type out minutes from the last council meeting. but instead im here blogging. that just show how important you all are to me =D)

This has been an all out weekend. First was Sat's youth mass. the musicians were late, spiritual prep was late, the mass was late. BUT it all turned out ok, so yeah, honestly someone was working that day. after we closed up (with random help from the amplify guys that hung around, and a lot of foot work from the musicians n singers) went to give vic his tele (honestly dude, buy you prez so troublesome leh! haha) and in the cab home i dropped off lenny and he asked me a very interesting question, about stuff that i've been thinking of recently (3 more). but lets not spoil the surprise =)

then sunday morning had canteen! argh! got up at 5 (ok snoozed till 530) to fry eggs and help mom a bit with the sambal bee hoon(THANK YOU MOMMY! LOVE YOU). then just as i was going to shower jude calls me to say no one was there (when most had told me they will be a bit late) so rushed down (THANK YOU DADDY! LOVE YOU!) to find freda and some of the eXcess guys setting up the deco (THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALL OF YOU. AND THANKS FREDA FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME). then slowly everyone came in and we had things in order (well we only really had kway and some bee hoon for the first mass crowd) and eventually everyone got it goin and by 11 we were almost out of food. so to try and do something for the 1130 mass people, i quickly went to buy AND make fried rice (2.5kg of fried rice in 1 and a half hours!) and in the process got my left thumb and index finger burned (feels alot better now, just really hurt on the day)

AND after that i still had to rush off to work at 230 till 10pm and i wasnt completely wasted after that! still had the energy to come home and talk to becky on the phone till like 12, and then we were both kinda tired, and i knocked out after hanging up the phone! haha.

"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wake up call

woke up this morning to find my uncle and aunt over for breakfast with 2 priests visiting from India. Fr. Christu and Fr. Sebastian. So just sat down and listened in on the conversation, and they were talking about couples counseling since my parents were on the ME board a while back, and are still involved. So it just got me thinking about a few things(Ant you should know what lah, haha)

Then my uncle announces to Fr. Christu that im in a youth ministry, so i go on to talk about ywm and that we organize youth masses. Lo and behold, Fr. Christu was also a musician and he is heading a youth group in india called Christ Band. he showed me a testimony from a drummer and a keyboardist, and asked me if i could do one too. so i did. kinda invited ywm to play in india...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Green Apron

yay! passed the bar test today! as of 1744 hours(or there about) my training is over! tmr the training wheels come off, think im with joseph tmr, so shouldn't be too bad.

camp planning seems to be going smoothly. AND SHIT! was supposed to go to skp today! argh! oh wells, guess can go on friday? late morning? haha. if not think sunday die! need to get my head in the game!

what ever will be right? haha.

Short List:
Wonderful Tonight
Save Tonight
This Boy
Dancing in the Moonlight?(haha, fun what)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

ok people! if you haven't noticed, i've given the old blog a face lift (centered around the green Les Paul)(and no i dont own the one in the photo, but will change the photo IF and WHEN i get my own, hopefully after the 7th of Sept)

Guitars aside, yes i've decided to blog (yet) again (yes its partially due to cheryl). SO out with the red and in with the Green! haha. (im too lazy to edit my previous posts to match so will just blog them out of existence)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things To Do

As at Tuesday 11th August 2009

1. Canteen on 30 August 2009
> Cafe
> Council
> Eddy - Kim Pak (20 Servings)
> Joyce - Spaghetti Cabonara (50 Servings)
> Mark - Chicken Wings (200 needed)
> Joel - Fishballs (100 sticks, 3 balls per stick)
> Teresa - Porridge (100 Servings)
> Ec/Jem - burgers
> Jem - Fries
> Call Aunty Kath about Kuay
> Coffee Uncle said he will confirm closer to the day.
> Bryan, Rachel Leo - Canned Drinks (240 Cans, Fr will take the remainder at cost price)
- coke
- lemon tea
- chrysanthemum tea
- green tea
- Anything else they feel like
~ Decorations
> Glass Bottles (painted)
> Flowers in the bottles (probably daisies)
> A4 'Strip' along back wall to display prices and menu items
~ Dresscode
> Aprons! haha
~ Band
> Acoustic (Open Mike?)
~ Sound System
> Play music through the speakers (back-up)

2. Youth Mass on 29th August
~ Book Chapel
~ Bulletin Announcement
~ Music
> Lenny to take charge
> Sean Chew(mpm) volunteered for guitarist
> wait for Poon to say 'no'
> throw to nic
> Leo wants to find wardens...
~ Theme
> Settle on sat 1st aug
> Leo to do
> Eddy will settle
> Ask Eddy who is leading.
> Leo to do slides
> Ask Ruth, again.
> Justin?
> CC3s? or is it too early?
> Leo wants to settle...

3. Youth Camp
~ Theme
> A Communion of Communities
> Circles
~ Program meeting on Wednesday 26th of Aug, 730pm.
> Need to book room

4. Presentation to CC3s
~ Attachment Dates
> 20th, 27th Sept. 4th Oct.

5. North District Youth Rally
~Spiritual Prep on the 22nd
~Participants under YWM
> Lenny
> Beatriz
> Pam

1. Buy newspaper
2. Try Starbucks

1. Accepted.
2. Wait for acceptance package.

1. Bass lessons with Eddy.
2. Practice finger styling
3. Guitar browsing with ant 15th Aug.

1. Find iPod!
2. RUN!
3. Weights.

1. Liquid kitchen
> Marie & Chris
> waiting for marie to give date
2. Clapton night
> waiting for Ant n Vic to confrim
> bacon cheese burger pizza again? haha.

Clean Room (somehow, sometime)