Friday, November 30, 2007

Reason 387: For those i love

i dont believe it! just had IPPT(NAPFA) and:

Sit-ups: 40(5 points)
Pull-ups: 1(0 points), almost 2!
Shuttle Run: 10.7s(2 points)
Standing Broad Jump: 180cm(0 points)
2.4km Run: 15.57(0 points)

ok i know those scores arnt impressive compared to most other people, but its the first time i've ever done so well, and the first time i actually ran(not walk or slow jog or whatever) plus the first time i passed shuttle run. and my first official pull up! cause thats been sorta inconsistent, like i can do it today but not tmr kinda thing.

and now just have 10kg left to hit my target weight. gonna be a lil tougher if i dont go to a combat unit(since will very likely slack a lot more) so guess need to run everyday now...

but not so soon with the daily running thing, just got a massive cramp in my right leg, think will wait till i recover n finish my 24km march before any personal training.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Counting down the days

yes!! final stretch! 17 more days to POP. cant believe i've been in army for almost 6 months and that training is almost over. and i just watched 2 movies in a row with a couple of my platoon mates, 26 bucks well spent haha!

on to less army related matters...i've been reflecting on a decision i had to make while i was in camp(spent like 3 nights thinking about it) and i've decided, im goin to do it, now i just need to figure out the execution...this will be fun...

sigh, rumors are out, report on the17th, damn, hope i get 22nd off.

SIDE NOTE: i need a new long sleeve shirt, one that looks nice and fits nice(dropped about a size btw, and very proud of it) so shopping anyone? someone with taste preferred...becky? mich?
That how WE do it.Just cause we can

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eagle warriors goin down town, YA!

in order to make full use of the shortest book-out we have gotten
(last coy to book out, probably first to book in) most of us gathered at 11pm to go hang out at some cafe along adam road(near north bridge road)

and after our bellies were full and we were just stoning along different curbs we started debating which would be better to do, cs or pool. pool won out. so went to golden mile (plaza or shopping center or hotel) and hung out at the pool place till 510, most of us dozed off outside at 410.
Waiting for the conducting and safety officers to arrive(1hr late!)
Our supervising officer CQMS(soon to be) Firdaus
Oreo milkshakes all around!
and wedges too! we ate wedges till we go sick of them, then rode bikes up and down adam road
my half eaten beef wrap(was expecting a kebab kinda thing but was still nice)Biker BoyzWhat ever it get a group photoRI!!! Regimental Indians!Me trying to take an artsy pic during pool.and again.falling asleep....fallen asleep.somehow we managed to fit 13 big guys into a tiny lift! try and beat that!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


and how do we celebrate it? late night prata with as many indian friends as we can muster. haha! so yeah, obviously i was at prata house with excess and was quite happy that most of them i asked came down(all except our dear daisy who when she was close by decided she was too lazy to go!)

oh and jo said something to one of the prata house guys and he said 'yes aunty'! and was at a point that the place happened to be quite enough for everyone to hear and he said it quite loud, and we all just burst out laughing! haha, sorry jo...

and since i got out early enough i had dinner with pam. haha, been craving kfc for so damn long, and some one i really damn impatient loh! and then there was the mystery of the missing old chang kee chicken wing. and bitching bout people at the bus stop.and watched her cash her cheque and complain bout only gettin it on monday, while i in turn complained bout my allowance only coming in a few days time so cant spend it till 16th(im hoping 15th to compensate the weekend burn)

and as we were lining up to get some bubble tea we started talking bout that mini ball ice cream thing. then i started on how its more ice then cream and that ice cream is supposed to be creamy and what not. and she turned to me and asked 'are you whining?' 'yes'


SIDE NOTE: was in the train with daisy on the way to sim lim on sunday and she brought up an interesting point. the 3 people im closest to in church are all in YLM. and she said maybe im being prompted to move over. que sera sera.eddy couldnt believe he missed the 'aunty' thing
just look at nic's eyes. yeah, there is definitely a connection. haha!to marie: i forsee a 3 way soon, haha!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

wires crossed: GAH!

yes thats the only word i can figure to explain this:

army is really screwing with my head....just burnt my last weekend due to field camp and they intend to burn next weekend with situation test. so yeah really just wanna go lie down and die. and the feeling has sorta been there since i fell out form field camp(fever) and just pretty much gave up on alot of things(mostly combat related)

but on the other hand a WO came up to the status people during a BCCT lesson and started asking us why we were on status and such and went on to tell us how bad it was in 'his day', which other than the fact he was from commandos was probably better than army in dad's days. long story short he told us to focus on getting better and getting back into the training and to make our 2 years mean something. and this was reinforced by CO's express interest talk the day after. so almost the whole week in camp has been people randomly nudging me in the direction of leadership.

so on one hand i cant be bothered and on the other i want to make my 2 years meaningful. GAH!

hmm....could it be? should i care(that way)? i know what could happen, i told myself so many times what i must do if it happens. why did my line have to become a triangle?!?! i hate this, life is complicated enough as it is without it!

SIDE NOTE: since obviously im not coming out next weekend, i really wanna thank everyone at the Halloween party. it was the most fun i had in a long while(n probably for a long while more), n was glad that all of us made it, since its probably the last time we'll all hang till like dec. so again thanks all of you =)
SIDE NOTE: sorry about friday. i promise i'll visit one day soon, i know its been a year, and i've been saying that for a while but i promise someday soon. i'll make you proud.
SIDE NOTE: sweets; sorry i couldnt have been of more help, really i wanted to. but yeah. sorry. we'll hang out again soon ok? love.