Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eagle warriors goin down town, YA!

in order to make full use of the shortest book-out we have gotten
(last coy to book out, probably first to book in) most of us gathered at 11pm to go hang out at some cafe along adam road(near north bridge road)

and after our bellies were full and we were just stoning along different curbs we started debating which would be better to do, cs or pool. pool won out. so went to golden mile (plaza or shopping center or hotel) and hung out at the pool place till 510, most of us dozed off outside at 410.
Waiting for the conducting and safety officers to arrive(1hr late!)
Our supervising officer CQMS(soon to be) Firdaus
Oreo milkshakes all around!
and wedges too! we ate wedges till we go sick of them, then rode bikes up and down adam road
my half eaten beef wrap(was expecting a kebab kinda thing but was still nice)Biker BoyzWhat ever it get a group photoRI!!! Regimental Indians!Me trying to take an artsy pic during pool.and again.falling asleep....fallen asleep.somehow we managed to fit 13 big guys into a tiny lift! try and beat that!