Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Dumb Test

For every "yes" give yourself a point!

[x] Has gum fallen out of your mouth when you were talking?
[ ] Has gum fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking?
[x] Have you have run into a glass/screen door?
[ ] Have you jumped/fallen out of a moving vehicle?
[x] Did you think of something funny and laughed, and then had people give you weird looks?

[] Have you run into a tree/bush?
[x] Do you think it is possible to lick your elbow?
[x] Did you just try to lick your elbow?
[] You did not know that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm?

[] Did you just sing them?

[x] Have you tripped on your own shoelace and fallen?
[x] Have you have choked on your own spit?
[x] Have you seen the Matrix and still don't get it?
[x] Have you never seen the Matrix?
[x] Do you type only with two fingers?

[x] Have you accidentally caught something on fire?
[ ] Have you tried to drink out of a straw, but it came out of your nose or eyes?
[x] Have you caught yourself drooling?
[x] Have you fallen asleep in class?
[ ] If someone says "fart", "penis" or "vagina" you laugh?

[x] Have you ever just stopped thinking?
[ ] Have you told a story and forgot what you were talking about?
[ ] Do people often shake their heads and walk away from you?
[ ] Are you often told to use your "inside voice"?
[x] Do you use your fingers to do simple math?

[x] Have you have eaten a bug?
[x] Are you taking this test when you should be doing something more important? E.g. assignments
[x] Have you put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realise it?
[x] Have you looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand or on your head?
[x] Do you break a lot of things?

[x] Do your friends know not to use big words around you?
[ ] Do you tilt your head when you're confused?
[x] Have you fallen out off your chair before?
[x]When you're laying in bed, do you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling?
[x] Do you use the word "umm" many times a day?

Total = 24
The Verdict:- 18 And Above = Stoopid
- 18 And Below = Not Stoopid

Final result: umm, duh!

another birthday

just realized, i've only cooked for someone's bday 3 times. haha. and twice involved lasagne. there are other coincidences but mostly quite lame so shall not go further, haha.
happy birthday marie. sorry if the deco wasnt that great, was my first time doin cake deco. glad you like the food =)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

sweets with sweets

protesting, in vain, against taking photos
the half massacred Pavlova(air and strawberries)
dont know why someone was so camera shy today....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

wait and see

when you fall, pick yourself up.
when it comes crumbling down, start over.
when you go left but the world goes right, carry on.

mistakes are ment to be made and learned from.
why am i such a perfectionist today?
Could it be? Lets just wait and see what happens.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


:D went for lunch with wammy, weryl and ved(kept having a bad feeling, but really lucky it didnt come true)

since wammy, weryl and me got there earlier we started talking bout a certain princess and then it kinda reached a point where we were all sorta grossed out...

then after a fairly enjoyable lunch, weryl was cold but wammy was lazy, so we had to leave macs, but had to go some where to relax. so we went to tcc(and we moved 3 tables, since the first one didnt have a couch and the 3rd one had a nicer couch that the 2nd table)

we spent a good 2 hours just talkin bout random stuff and bitching about people at the other tables(as we always do :D)

and we have decided to go into business. haha selling baked goods. already have my department heads: accounting director(pam), general administrations and logistics manager(cheryl), advertising(ant), banglah worker(haha, do i really need to say who?), public relations(daisy, im crossing my fingers she wont be confused) and chief research and development engineer(ME!) haha, cheap thrills.

tax collectors are scary

what does a tax collector say when you owe them money?
: 'So you NEED to GIVE me back more money'
(in a very, OR ELSE tone)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ns aint so bad

dolce vita says:
i wana be in NS too ( i cant believe i'm sayin this !)


yay! finally get a break from 'school' haha.

sunday was interesting casue i didnt have to book in so could hang out at jo's place while she hopped around the kitchen tryin to feed us everything in her fridge haha. we had to keep asking her to sit down.

think i caught up on most of the sleep army has deprived me of, haha. spent the whole day at home and have started re-watching supernatural(yes from season one, fell asleep during hookman)(i realized something, in ep 1 kid dean has blond-brunette hair now he just has brunette.

got a lil bit of work to do later for the polo tee(for army) then meeting sweets for dinner and goin for h20, haha, first in a long while. tmr sees me meeting pam and our cannot make it kaki(who finally can make it, granted one can barely make it, haha)

mom n dad just left so wont see them for a good long while and when i do i'll probably be more interested in sleep first haha(tough training ahead, better enjoy n rest while i can)

oh chris n nic; i'll never let you two forget this....asking pam(k) to ask me for money on your behalf?? too paiseh ah? haha

Sunday, October 7, 2007

carry on my wayward son

finally got my new locker pictures printed. was quite suay while doing them. when i got to the shop there was only one of those terminal things so had to wait for the guy before me(who was printing bloody 28 pictures when i only had 6 to print). so after hes done imputing the file and what not i go up and start mine. and then when i was finished with imputing my data i still had to wait for his order to process before they could start to print mine. then suay again while printing. kena paper jam!

other then that i've been spending hours on facebook. killed some people, poked some others, spend a good hour going through supernatural trivia(and now gonna go through another hour) built an army and have nothing to do with them. and added so many things that i forgot half of them haha.