Monday, February 25, 2008


again im very sorry to both of you. believe me when i say it was never my intention for things to turn this way.

but what would you have done in my situation? i felt i was caught in the middle and so i thought i could use that to smooth things over. cause honestly both of you have very strong personalities, and i do really want things to go back the way they were.

"im sorry if i felt there were somethings both of you needed to hear one another say. guess i should have know that you both needed the other to say it, not me."

im sorry i betrayed the trust between us by going to tell the other the things you have said. im sorry for speaking when i should have been listening. im sorry that i said things maybe i shouldnt have and being hypocritical. im sorry im too concerned about this. and im sorry that seeing the both of you like this breaks my heart. can you honestly expect me to feel any differently?

i leave this matter up to the two of you now. since you both dont want me to interfere. if you want tell me anything i'll listen, this time i promise i'll keep it all to myself. i should have know i cant force things to go back the way they were. but like i said my only intention was to smooth things over between the both of you. and again im truly sorry if in the process i have abused the trust between us.

ive lost too many friends before. i dont want to lose anymore.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


spent the whole day today at home. going between the computer(heavy research) and the kitchen. and suddenly i have a....craving? listen to Praise and Worship songs, but my collection isnt that large(mostly just random stuff i managed to get off some people here and there)

then mom and dad were going to thompson plaza after mass to do some grocery shopping and dinner and i needed to go to yamaha cause one of my stings UN-wound and another one is starting to give me problems. thus needed a new set(got 2 this time, since thompson is near by but very lei chey to go there by bus) then while waiting for mom and dad(who stopped by aunty cat's n uncle raymond's new place for a bit) i wondered over to sembawang music to see if i was fortunate enough that they would be selling shirlyn tan's album(no such luck) but did stumble across the christian music section and that....inspired me to buy a couple of cds, but not from sembawang(went to daily gifts, its across from the hardware store, near the florist) cause daily gifts has a wider range(speciality shop, haha)

ok here is the key for the next paragraph: "what i said", 'what she said', [what i thought]

then i kena ambush by this mina sales girl about this cream thing. she pointed at my hand and said "this one can remove" then grabbed my hand and smeared this white cream over it and dragged me to the booth(all while i was trying to figure out what was on my hand) then she said 'this one sun burn right? can remove' and i was thinking to myself [cant you bloody tell the difference between a sun tan and sun burn!] then she picked up this mirror and pointed to my scar from the iron and said 'this one can remove' then i said "its a scar" 'can remove' [what if i dont want to remove it?] then she went on to demo the cream, and my left hand did turn lighter, but the cream had removed a few layers of my skin so it felt more sensitive then usual, plus SHE BLOODY AGGRAVATED ALL 10(yes 10!!) of the bug bites i had on that had.

SIDE NOTE: just remembered i wanted to buy a nail clipper

rebels with a cause

went for mass with van, cheryl n nic after session and we were all looking forward to the free food downstairs(the entrance hymn said we were 'all invited' haha, only surprised the offertory wasnt table of plenty) but nic had his own dinner plans(family) so was only the 3 of us waiting eagerly to assault the food(well there were quite a number of other youths around, mostly mpm). but when the adults were let at the food, we all kinda agreed it wasnt really worth it so went over to j8 for yoshi(and divided mpm in the process, half went to amk the other to bishan)

then kena detour near ite casue of the chinggay parade, so the bus went around street 13 to get to the interchange. the we kena potong jalan by some chinese family at yoshi for a seat, but luckily found a nice little corner. funny thing was that van ordered beef, cheryl ordered chicken and i ordered both, haha. n we just sat there for at least an hour just taking bout what we always do.

then ant came to join us and we changed topic to PAC(a.k.a THEM) and then we called up our chauffeur and indented one times aeroplane(haha) and the supervising driver(ed) was en route. then went to dempsey road for ben and jerry's(and to just randomly walk around)

and since after dessert ed and ant had to go, the rest of us(van cheryl me n nic) went back to my place for supper and after some....over excitement....i and van wanted to play mah jong but our kaki didnt, so i had to carry her to the table 3 times(not to mention countless pokes) and once we started she didnt want to stop. haha so much for not liking it! some more won 18+ bucks

Pictures: the ben n jerry's was packed so we entertained ourselves while waiting for seats....
i dont know what nic was doing....i only look spastic casue i kept closing my eye every time ed took the picture(i dont like flash!)i want a VW bus! its so cool...can drive down to sentosa! hahacheryl fence sitting(or getting a lift from the cow, which ever way you want to look at it)ant and ed fighting cause they got lostit would have been a nice picture without the flash(i dont like flash!)the main attraction!(and no thats not a spotlight, though its cool. van took a picture from the other side....ok flash not so bad....)cheryl being cherylagain, cheryl being cheryllast minute protest to mah jong

SIDE NOTE: a little bit of conversation that took place yesterday
Person X to Person Y: what if you dont like your boss?
Person Y to Person X(with a big smile on his face) : Ah! what if you dont like your....
Person Z to Person Y(cut in half way): but your not our boss!
Person Y keeps quite and looks away. HAHA!

black jack

ok, played black jack twice this year and both times aaron chua was sitting next to me. and the first night we noticed that we often got the same cards or at least added up to the same amount. so on the second night after a while we thought we would try to video record how freaky(yet cool) it was. so this is a video dedicated to my wingman.

Monday, February 18, 2008


i've taken the ring off.

Friday, February 15, 2008

And the clouds above move closer

quick upload from valentine's day(no mom, no valentine for me)(and for everyone else: no one in mind either)

dismounted(after a long list of treatments for ruby; old bitch) hope to get benny, just cause he looks cool(german shepherd but instead of yellow hes white.

work aside:

how does someone with no valentine spend valentine's day?
Bake! haha. and have a wonderful friend to organise a valentine's day gathering for a bunch of her unattached friends(thank you!)
my heart-shaped valentine's day cake
ant resuming his modeling role
cheryl having a random moment with the cam.

and kena scolding from angela for not baking brownies, so pushed blame to pam, who pushed blame back to me, haha!

SIDE NOTE: pam gave us all decks of cards. and cheryl said pam was trying to get us all to gamble. cheryl for your information my godparents(that is my baptisim godma and confirmation godparents taught me to play poker)

Monday, February 11, 2008

got new kaki!

27/01/2008 (23:15:52)
[cheryl] sleep compensation and energy replacement says:
hahha im not interested at all. i hate majhong. i dun even think i can read the words on the tiles.

haha now looks who is addicted to mahjhong. playing for at least 8 hours in one day haha. we really should make that list of things you havent done/eaten before soon....that way saturday evenings will be easier to plan haha.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

on a happier note!

ok i know pam is gonna be just a little irritated at this but its still a non-emo post ok!

went to ARMY market with wen hui to get stuff. he needed L-torches, i wanted to get knee-guards(high-kneeling on asphalt isnt that comfortable, why do it? cause my legs go numb if i sit cross leg too long) and we both needed zip-locks casue the old man wants us to prep our field packs(dont know why, we arnt even army anymore!)

funny story bout the zip-locks, just happened to walk past this shop and this guy asks the lady how much were the medium size zip-locks and she says they were $1 for 5. i thought that was a pretty good deal. the guy just says ok and walks off(in a relatively rude manner) so naturally the sales lady is quite ticked off and says to me and her other customer:

Lady: wah, some people dont even want $1 FOR 5. so cheap still want to go look for cheaper. this is army market not a shopping center
Arrogant man: HEY! dont talk to your customers like that!

and he walks off. and i, the other customer and the lady all exchange 'what the hell?' looks. must be an officer(too young to be srg major and specs arnt usually that cocky)

that aside, we ate chicken rice accompanied by laksa gravy for lunch n gulped down (relatively) good sugar cane juice(before shopping). after shopping we were supposed to go get glutinous rice balls but the shop was closed so we skipped ahead to desserts. wen hui had almond soup thing n the belgian waffles caught my eye. they even had european biscuit ice cream(tasted like digestives) and they cut up the waffle n let you dip it in their chocolate sauce(hi mom, im getting a lecture as soon as you see this right? love you!)

and we both HAD to have goreng pisang. and interestingly the store had batter fried mushrooms(those long white ones with small 'helmets') was too full to have the goreng pisang so gave it to dad for tea(ironically he was making a pot of tea when i got home)

and yes mom, i got the oranges. =) think aunty is out so will wait for her to come home to give the hamper.

Dragons! Dare us!!

im tired. i should sleep. but if i do it will only make the day end faster. i dont want today to end. but i know it has to, sometime. better now i guess.

getting that feeling of deja vu. it all feels like im 15 again. i WONT repeat those 3 mistakes again. guess im kinda repeating 'P' or 'A'(though it feels more like half of 'P' and on the verge of 'A'). i see 'E' and dont know what to do. and well i guess i dont have to worry bout 'P2', right? dont foresee anything like that happening again.

(please just ignore that paragraph, i dont talk to those people anymore so i doubt anyone reading this would know who they are)

crap, feeling so emo-ish now a days. i dont like it. i know holding on will just make it worse, but there is that mentality that it could all turn around. think my chance was gone(if it ever existed) long ago.