Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reasons not to get up in the morning

#1: Thought class was at 8am, in the end was at 845
#2: Felt faint the whole morning (probably due to the fever)
#3: Forgot my whisk(s)
#4: Messed up the filleting
#5: Over roasted the potatoes
#6: Over dried the tomatoes
#7: Over whipped the Meringue
#8: Skin stuck to the pan
#9: Burned the butter and onions
#10: Didn't cook the asparagus properly
#11: Fish ended up being naked
#12: Took me 10 min to plate
#13: Over seasoned potatoes
#14: Sour tasting tomatoes
#15: Connsume looked like chicken broth

Reasons to get up in the morning:
#1: Because you believe in us.

Thank you chef daisy for all you guidance and support over the past 2 terms, you really have been a mother figure to us, always scolding and nagging at us, we will miss you a lot. =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A fever you cant sweat out

lol, haven't had the time to do this recently, haha.

well, its finally time; sick again. wont go into the horrible details, but will say its damn weird.

was ok till friday. we had to run our buffet and dont know how or why i ended up upstairs to serve, was just going to play a supportive role, but jacob looked like he was having trouble with the salad so helped him, then as it was almost time o pack up, he said he wanted to go rest, so i told him i could manage and both me and haikel told him to go back downstairs.

when it was time to pack up, taufik tells me that he had gone home. so after class that day i messaged him to see if he was ok, turns out he had a slight fever but rested and felt better, so jsut went home to prepare for session in the evening. FUNNY thing! when i got home i felt kinda feverish too, so just took some pills and drank some water. thought would be fine, since i felt feverish, but didnt have a temperature.

by the time i got home, really felt damn bad. was a scary 38.1, so just went straight to bed. was better when i woke up, was a bit dizzy, but other than that was ok. sat went well, went for class, lan and a movie, came back and drank 2 bottles of wine with the guys (and listened to their crazy plans)(bloody bad idea)

was ok today till i got home, felt damn bad, had to take a short nap just to function...have to finish the assignment, gonna skip morning classes, cant be bothered, my health is more important. haha!