Monday, January 28, 2008

the storm maybe too big to smile at

ARGH! i'm not going to bother typing it out because i've already repeated it 5 times today.

i trust you too much lah! but it feels good to fully trust someone again. to laugh at the oddest things, to look into my past on the chapters i closed never wanting to re-open. thank you for putting up with all my crap, and for everything you've done. will keep smiling just because your my best friend.(sorry, you know what for. in my defense you started it, haha)

i'm sorry, i know we haven't hung out much lately, but looks like its my turn to get really busy. i promise i'll still be around if you ever need me. but well, i know i'm not the first person you'd run to. but i'm still glad i'm somewhere on that list. and despite the most inappropriate things you say, i still cherish every moment spent with you.

SIDE NOTE: like the punctuations?
SIDE NOTE: and i'm really sorry if i cant make it on the 14th. it's not because i don't want to, i really do and i'll try my hardest but if i kena means i kena, not much i can say or do.
SIDE NOTE: i don't like my job as much as i thought i would.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mary Jane

been listening to the click five for the past few days and i found this song quite accurate bout how i feel towards someone who i now see as a waste of time to talk to. was any of it real? 4 years ago? 10 months ago? 4 months? ever?

Mary Jane
by The Click Five

I didn't cry the day you moved away
Didn't think that I would feel this pain
Until I saw the stranger that was you

Whatever happened to our innocence
And that something that you said about being friends
Tell me how
Help me say the words out loud

Could it be
That nothing's gonna change
Cuz time has got a way of taking back
Everything you thought you had
Can you see?
The girl you used to be
The one I lost when I let go of you
Or whatever happened to...
Mary Jane

I need to wake up from this state of mind
The situation is a staying kind
I gotta get your memory out of my head

Would you catch me if I had to fall
Would you even find the time without it all
Tell me how
Help me say the words out loud

Could it be
That nothing's gonna change
Cuz time has got a way of taking back
Everything you thought you had
Can you see?
The girl you used to be
The one I lost when I let go of you
Or whatever happened to...
Mary Jane

Cuz time is taking back
Everything I thought we had
Tell me how
(Mary Jane...)
Help me say the words out loud

Could it be
That nothing's gonna change
Cuz time has got a way of taking back
Everything you thought you had
Can you see?
The girl you used to be
The one I lost when I let go of you
Or whatever happened to...
Mary Jane


i know i said id blog more often, but yeah, havent really much. lost my rhythm for a bit, but got it back now. and more than ever i can smile in the face of any storm.

todays been odd to say the least, was talking with van on the bus to bishan from thompson bout how cheryl, pam and chris(k) know becky then bout the coincidence bout pam being my aunt. plus found out that val's fav bible verse is same as mine(1 corinthians : 13) and that she might be doing hosp too. just random coincidences.

well few more hours to the last time i get to see bobo. will miss the guy, would really love a dog of my own. but think will have to wait till after ns(hi mom, bet your sayin 'NO' right now)

One day at a time? Take things as they come? Smile at the sun.

SIDE NOTE: did i mention i was only functioning on an hour of sleep casue mom woke me up to close the gate then i just kinda sleep...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

this is war!

who are you to barge in and tell us things we already know. who are you to tell us how we should go about doing things when we have already planned out how we are goin to do them. why should we just hop to you tune because YOU think we arent doing things fast enough. we are adults too. just casue you have donkey years of experience of how to prance around a stage n pretend to be someone your not doesnt mean you can tell us how to do our job.

we are trying, you said so yourself. cant you at least be supportive? i thought you would be. i put so much faith and trust in you. i really thought you would be someone i could count on, yet you betrayed us, more so you betrayed me. how can i look at you the same again.

i agree, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. but have you stopped to think that maybe YOU are the weakest link? i refuse to let you do this. i will fight and not care the repercussions. this is something i firmly believe in. and as the rock i will stand firm against all you throw at me and by His grace i will survive.

SIDE NOTE: im sorry i couldnt protect you. i wanted to but i didnt know what to say. you know where i stand. i will speak up. he will hear my voice!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

shit day

my plan for tmr:
Morning- scoop shit
Afternoon - deal with shit
Evening - listen to shit

yes, its gonna be fun!

*sigh* did i mention how much i HATE 2008. every time it gets to a point im happy, something comes around and messes everything up. not to the point of complete disorder or the like, just enough that i feel damn.....sian....(not angry, just sian, dont know how im gonna deal with it but i will try)

i love Bobo, gonna miss the guy when i have to leave. hes so cute! granted quite lazy but hes such a darling, so obedient and lovey.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

got T2, T3, No 4

not enough rest. couldnt concentrate in mass. not really tired, just...'gah'. gonna try n improve my guitar playin, since someone prompted me to. guess its gonna be a very 'lets see how it goes from here' year.

went to taka after mass to meet mom n becky to get my watch(the one with the metal strap) readjusted(its too loose now) then had lunch at the food village. becky got her hor fun which shes been dying for n i had omelet rice with jap curry(nicer than it sounds)

then went back to church to meet pam, cheryl n van to go see chris kwok off at the airport. well we actually went to eat popeye's(his treat, after some coaxing) and he just happen to be there. haha
well, pictures!(insert caption here)waving bye to chrischeryl isnt happy and van doenst carewe are happythe roof of T3everyone was taking picturestesting the seats for quality controlhanging out with daisysee told you!playing on the travalator. we found out if you hold the side and touch someone else you will kena static. and pam wanted to ride it again just to zap all of in a candy store.Cadbury's Angels just to see if we could fit everyone in
cheryl looks scary when she wants to go home

SIDE NOTE: haha, cheryl i wont miss ***** but i'll miss w**** and w**** haha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

woof woof

firstly, i realised some repercussions of having a public blog. not going into details but those involved probably know what i mean. and im just not gonna care bout what damage has been done. because it wansnt my intention and it wasnt meant for everyone, even though everyone could see it.

now, onwards! the days been long, and interesting. was told i've been selected for further training(k9). on one hand its a great job cause i get a bestfriend for the remainder of my tour of service, down side i'll have less time for my other bestfriends, my sisters, ministry and friends. dont know my hours yet, but will soon enough.

cant really complain since part of my duties is what i wanted in the first place. wish somethings would have gone differently, but no point mulling over them now. like i said, damage done.

SIDE NOTE: damn it, i learned those 3 hard lessons for a bloody reason. why are people screwing around with my problems!
SIDE NOTE: sorry. think this year will be harder than last. i wont forget you. i promise.

Nikki & May

this is a simple story of a young girl and a prophecy of unending love.

the young girl was searching for love for a very long time. and all her friends thought she had her eyes set on the local carriage driver. all the gossip through the town was that she was trying to get his notice, but to no avail.

so one day the young girl went to visit a sooth sayer in hopes of a prophecy related to the carriage driver. but the prophecy(as with all prophecies was very vague) and read as such: ' before the re-setting of the sun cycle, you will find the man to take you to the life you always dreamed of'

now, a ten-day, before the re-setting of the sun cycle there was to be a day of great feast in honor of a legendary hero, and in his honor the village painter threw a party and invited all the village. and the young girl was so sure the prophecy would be fulfilled at the party, and to her delight the carriage driver was there.

now, all the village knew that the young lady had her eye on the carriage driver, so in human nature they made a great laugh at it. and the young lady mistook these jokes as signs(as we all do when looking too deeply into something that is usually nothing) as such she blamed the painter for misleading her.

fortunately for the young lady, the carriage driver changed his mind after the re-setting of the sun cycle. and began proclaiming to the painter and the baker his love for her. and defended her honor when the two of them were making fun of her. he told them she was his hero, but he blamed the cupid for shooting him with the arrow of love(calling him an eggplant), and still had some fear of the young lady, and refused her invitation for tea, and quickly blamed it on uncontrollable words, in fear they may hurt his true love.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

i need more sleep

i really havent been getting enough. guess there are just somethings that are more important(not just for now, period) gonna run tmr(not by choice) think i may collapse half-way. hope not, prac tmr is supposed to be fun.

paying for your own transport isnt fun. im tryin just to survive till next thurs. think i've just about balanced my life. things i have to do V.S. things i want to do. i really hope i dont crash. if and when i do think its gonna be quite bad. SO! if i go MIA for a while, like stop replying people, not answer calls, think i'd stil go for mass, ect. you know why! okie! =)

SIDE NOTE: really dont think it would go far. it would be nice, but dont think its that one.(cheryl and pam should know what im talking about)

bad day

Good Things:
Early release from work
Learned you can put ps1 games on a psp
Got my passport size pic done
Chicken wings from toa payoh
Extra 5 nuggets for dinner

Bad Things:
Car didnt want to start
I really cant find jeans
Couldnt find a brown polo from giordano
The pizza thingy was closed at sketches by the time we got there
couldnt slack at tcc casue the guy came in 15 min instead of an hour
no time to watch my anime
cant go airport on the 10th, and probably not on the 24th

its only the second day of the new year. i want my 2007 back

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

chicken soup for the monther & sons soul

thats the gift i got my mother for mother's day 07. why bring this up now? because my aunts are downstairs in the kitchen learning to make bun susi from my mom and its reminding me of me teaching my friends to cook, my mom's better at it, but yeah, same notion.

Is that so bad?

not the perfect day i expected

damn it, thought it would be so cool! my first meal of 2008! and it felt like such a let down, i bloody hate mac now!(not really, just mildly annoyed) but still! i could have had my hotcakes! *sob*.....chunky monkey helps....

oh yeah and there was really heady beer, so to quote mr. smith 'nothing went the way it was supposed to' oddly i woke up in time to watch that particular scene(the one where hes in hes apologising to her in the kitchen). and then marie couldnt make it in the end. hmmm, there is something else but im not telling last meal of 07! great quiche juliawe were playing indian poker, no its not a stagged photo, just good labeling the saddest thing a guy can ever see.least the quiche went well. apparently she wanted to make sago gula melake too(my fav asian dessert by the way) but there was no sago at chris' place.
its still not hotcakes.

SIDE NOTE: i just got a message to cancel plans(not angry). i want my 2007 back. i dont like this year. lets just all hope the rest of it isnt gonna be like this. that would really suck. bright side i have no hang over. or there is still alcohol in my brain numbing the pain....