Friday, July 11, 2008

Surprise all around

cheryl i think you'll love this one, haha!

ok about 4 or 5 in the afternoon i get a message from leo saying 'Hey nick, what's the plan for jeremy tonight?' so naturally i figured that something was up, initially i assumed that nic was planning something over at amplify cause i asked him if he was going(thus implying i was going) in the end i went for amanda's drama thing. so i just thought 'haha, nice try guys. next time you want to do a surprise make sure the recipient is with you at all times'

then later at ijtp, it felt odd that only marcus, terence, ryan, emmanuel and freda were there, so naturally i asked chris why he wasnt there, and he replied sayin he was busy, so i began to have subtle suspicions. but after a while i was 'nah' and true enough we ran into chris and ben chia at j8 after the play. and then i show chris leo's message and chris tells me the whole story, bout how he messaged everyone, even calling up my mom and asking her if we could use the house.

as soon as he said that i pictured my mom having cooked a huge meal and there being food everywhere(since now the living and dining are void of furniture save a computer[dining] table, the sofa, and a bar[yes becky, mich's bar])

and lo and behold i come home to find a stack of prata, two pots of curry and a tray of chicken wings. and apparently my mom had gone and invited my aunts over as part of the surprise(but by the time i got home they had left) so guess 'surprise' on them, haha!(a surprise party where the guests are surprised, that the recipient doesnt come) but if any there is any saving point for chris' surprise party its that when i got home aunty caroline(my aunt from canberra) was here.

Monday, July 7, 2008

i want to ORD!

i really hate work. i hate RT. its so stupid. just a waste of my time. im already so tired from duties and you are forcing me to go for RT every mon, wed n fri. IM TIRED as it is and YOU YOURSELF said you dont think i can pass by the time i ORD. SO, really what is the bloody point?! just so you can show the big shots you are TRYING? do you thing I care about what they think of you? im just here to do my time and go off. and now even on my LEAVE you want to ka chow me?! bloody hell.