Monday, April 30, 2007

and so ends the knight's quest

I FINALLY GOT MY HOTCAKES!!! got up at like 10ish and frantically called falicia to wake her up and was so relived when she finally picked up(after about 10 missed calls, at least) so had to quicky get ready n rush off. and when i got to the bus stop(background info 3 out of 5 buses that go by my place all go to toa payoh) the first bus to go by was a bloody 13!(the one time i DONT want it....damn Murphy's law) so just said screw it n cabbed down.

and casue i knew i was gonan be late i told falicia to just order first, and i got ther jsut as she finished ordering so went to snag a seat. and the moment i had been waiting for 6 months fianlly came!!! and after i had finihsed i was in pure bliss(had the whole 'at peace' face and everything) and since we were done by 11, and i didnt have to be in church till like 1230(to pass julia my ipod) we took a walk to the library.

i saw a sign there that said 'no taking pictures with out permission' and was SO tempted to take a picture of it(just for the irony) but there were too many witnesses(but then again its singapore, so not like they would have cared much anyway) n we basically walked around the art section lookin at photography books.

then after i gave julia my ipod headed down to central to play dota with aloy(jo said it was cute that there is a dota gang) and just as i get to central pam calls to see if i was still in church(we always miss each other on msn and now were starting to miss each other in real life) sadly i got owned in dota(and that is putting it nicely, even tried againt com at home and still got owned, damn im rusty)

had a deep convo with chris, something i havent done in a long time. heads still a lil messed up, but fuctioning a lil better. damn it! its 2 am and im tired....what happend to me, used to go till 4 no prob, oh wait, i never used to get up before 12.

And then it shall rain coke and the people shall rejoice for all the blood shall be washed off the mountain, and hope will be restored. Yet the champion shall look apon the corpse of the dragon and weep, for he wishes death, but death has rejected him once more.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


damn im so bloody tired...slept at about 5am, and was awoken by ed(at 10am!!) cause he wanted me to help him burn a copy of A Walk to Remember for the twins(lucky i like that movie).

then falicia saw me online(and being the nice cuz she is, who reads my blog when ever the rss feed is updated) asked me out for breakfast casue she wanted hotcakes too(YAY!) and so hurridly finished up what i needed to do for ed n rushed off.

sadly i reached just past 11am(I STILL BLOODY WANT MY HOTCAKES!!) and they only had big breakfast, so for a while im boycotting mac's lunch n dinner(yes im very serious, plus im sick of mayo n lettuce anyway) ran into her goddaughter(and her goddaughter's parrents) by the way.

so after that she wanted to go to challenger to look at games. and as we were passing novena square we decide to go to the one at vivo instead(cause we could and i hadnt been to vivo b4) so we go there n walked around for a bit(they had a gloria jean's!! and BOOST!, but didnt see if they had the King William choc becky, nvm, next time ur down we can go see!) and we had a stroll on the board walk, and there was some water feature where kids were playin in(i would have gone in if was around the gang, but a lil weird for just ONE big guy to be wading in semi-clear water)

and after our escapades and talk of dim sum and listing out things i must do before "E-day" we sat down n had a disscussion on where to eat(this was at almost 3) and after a while of getting no where we decided to consult the directory and picked what ever casut our eye that we havent tried yet(very good way of deciding when u dont know waht to eat, but your really hungry) settled on 'Superdog'. when we went in, the first thing i thought of was Carl's Jr. casue it looked exactly like carls but they focused more on dogs than burgers. was really good stuff! i recomend it if you ever get to vivo!

then had to rush back casue i wanted to shower b4 goin for mass with pam(yeo). and managed to get there in the middle of the introductory rites! despite leaving only at 510. after mass my original plan was to take bus wiht pam back home, but she scolded me for being anti-social and made me go for dinner with anthony, leo(yes cheryl's brother leo), stefan and peter.(the only reason i went was casue i think i was more hungry then tired)

saw the new Amk interchange, its a lot like the one at tp, excep it goes straight into the shoppin center(stefan said we should have brought luggage bags along casue it felt more like the airport) and we made it halfway ti S11(well jsut the traffic light, but still a long way) we saw maranata ppl on a bus as it turned in, so hiked back to meet them n tired the food court at the hub but it was bloody packed(and you could slowly see leo getting pissed, and i n anthony made stefan a scapegoat for if and when leo snapped) casue we were goin to S11 after all. and anthony went on about wisdom and how we should listen to our elders.

but poor leo, after all the crap we dragged him through(and army) when he finally got his noodles he kena cheated(he thinks the guy charged him $3, but he was too hungry and tired to care) and he finished he food before i got back whit mine(double-flavour ramen and baby octopus, the octopus was really good, n so were the dumplings) and he ran off quite fast after that, poor guy, he was damn tired(my future *whine*).

then stefan suddenly started asking if we were up for pool(my logic was 'since im out might as well') so was gonna be 6 of us; me, stefan, anthony, joel, aloy and peter. but when we go there all the table were taken so had to wait around, and anthony went off casue he was tired. but the rest of us stayed on till 10. and there we a'Memoriable' shots by stefan. i shall not go into detail.

SIDE NOTE: see pam im not anti-social!!!
SIDE NOTE: im sooooo off form in pool!
SIDE NOTE: gonna play DOTA tmr after church! can show off my Drow Fletcher skills(Drow Ranger played like Bone Fletcher)

And i will show you the border of sanity. And then we will fly across the sea of purple dreams and meet the wizard at the waterfall of creativity. And we shall dance till the blue moon turns red and the waterfall stops. and tears of blood shall flow down the mountains of hope.

my heart weeps the tears my eyes refuse to shed

May the Bacon be with you my friends. haha yup more weird convos with cheryl, mostly bacon(and the queen's 3 baconcubines), and of course sammy still doesnt know! haha!

other than that i went to MOS(Ministry of Sound) and fell in love with the Retro room. and i take back most of the bad things i said about clubbing(i mean there are still a lot of idiots that go clubbing, like one guy we met who was hypocritically racist. came up to me and said 'hey brother! i only support browns, and your brown, and im brown and your friend is brown. i dont care about no chinese, no whites, only browns' then he turns to chris n says he wants to dance with julia! lucky chris said she was a close friend n kinda turned him off)

anyway went with pam(not yeo), tim, eddy(was for his bday), nic, chris, julia and ben. was supposed to meet pam at city hall at 8 at first. then changed to clark quey at 8, then back to city hall at 8(gee tim, ur an incredibly good planner) we ended up meetin at 8 at city hall, then goin to clark quey and waitin around till 9(casue we got lost and pam was a horrible guide and couldnt remember where macs was, so just had to wait for the rest) and those bloody idiots still couldnt make up their mind to go Zouk or MOS(the whole day!) but all in all had fun acctaully dancing. so now i dont mind clubbing, but i still prefer to lepak at a nice pub(but thats just me, i care more about spending time with someone ratehr than waht we acctually do)

SIDE NOTE: Im eating peanut m&ms now, by color. thank you becky!! :D

And we will eat our bacon bits with our bacon flavoured milk every morning. For that is the way of the Bacon. May the Bacon be with you.

Friday, April 27, 2007

weird things happen when weird people talk. go figure!

haha, has been eventful past few day with odd convos with cheryl bout loads of things. so far; established a new nic name for ed(rotten ramburian, people start calling him that, thank you), had an 'arguement' over butter(no clear winner) then nead and oj were being mean while mas was at work(and hiding his msn from his boss) and mas didnt understand anything that was goin on. and now we are goin though someone's bacon addiction(but its a secret, so dont tell scotty! or sammy!) and we wrote a parady of Lustra's Scotty Doesnt Know(from eurotrip sound track). check out her blog for the lyrics, hahahah!

but scotty doesnt know that sammy doesnt know! someone tell scotty!
casue sammy doesnt know but scotty will know! and scotty will kick sammy!
but sammy doesnt know sammy doesnt know! so dont tell sammy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i slipped on the step and fell off my mountain

had h20+ last night, our cell went for botak. i and eddy had the chilly dawg....was so good i cant describe was the biggest german saussage i have ever seen(i know it sounds wrong, but thats the only way i can describe it) and the chilly(as in american chilliy not maggie chilly sauce) was really good too, plus it had those peppers in it!(alwasy wanted to try them; the look like really fat green chillies)

after that we were sitting around bored so on a whim went to play LAN at VID(Virtual ID, its at thompson CC) all were a lil blood thirsty so played BF2 since there was no CS. and reprised my role as a gunner for tim(i still cant fly with the new system!!) was pretty fun, then trough the shouting back and forth from the BF2142 players i realised that david was there too!(but then again the chances of him being there are very high)

weird that the past few days have been one hell of an emo rollercoaster(seriously; been goin from happy to mildly depressed very quickly and fequently)

Life is like a doughnut. Its all mixed up then deep fried and sugar coated to make you feel better about it. - Yes i was thinking of doughnuts at the time.

white water

mom had me paint Mich's room today, taking my milo break now with hands and arms covered with the splatter. she diluted the paint to the point im just splashing and smearing white water on the walls. still fun though. and she said she will pay me for doin it, so officially im no longer broke!

earlier had to go down to immigrations(next to Lavender MRT) to apply for a new ic(since i lost mine during that series of fortunatly unfortunate events). was a lot quicker than i expected, i left the house at like 1245 or so and was at city hall station on my way back by 150. but then was hungry so went to get some food, but couldnt find anything nice so just went to marina bay for some solitude(yes i know, my anit-social nature is coming back) and at Toa Payoh called mom to see if she wanted anything(this being the time she decides to spring the "lets paint your sister's room" idea) so had to grab a brush to do the corner.

*sigh* okie, back to splashing!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

no more hills, for now.....

ok pam(and everyone else) here are the pictures from the hike, and no i dont have any of those dreaded hills. was a little pre-occupied at the time....

if i remember correctly that is bukit timah.

the golf coursethe bottom of the hill that we were gonna push cheryl downa better view of the hill.i like the irony in this(a picture of cheryl and rach taking a picture,with stability provided by aaron)us settleing down atop the hillits self explanitory.if i remember correctly pam just fell off the ledge thingy(where cheryl is sitting) when i took this.self explanitory(though this was the second pic i took, cause rach wasnt lookin the the first one)us walking along the edge of the golf course(hoping not to get hit by stray balls)same as above,same as above.
and thats all!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Im Worth $36(hope its USD)

thanks to my dear elder sister i have a quiz for all you lovely veiwers, pam here is something to occupy your time =)

Here's the deal. As you look over the following list, you'll notice a price tag on it. If you have done something on the list, you take down the price and ADD it all up (it's easier if you just add as you go). Then post the amount that you are as the title. Example "I'm worth $xx."

1. Had sex: $6.00
2. Smoked: $5.00
3. Got drunk: $5.00
4. Went skinny dipping: $3.00
5. Kissed someone of the opposite sex: $4.00
6. Kissed someone of the same sex: $4.00
7. Cheated: $2.00
8. Fell asleep in class: $0.50
9. Been expelled: $5.00
10. Been in a fist fight: $3.00
11. Given oral: $5.00
12. Got oral: $5.00
13. Prank called the cops: $3.00
14. Lied to ur parents: $1.00
15. Stole something: $2.00
16. Done drugs: $5.00
17.Dyed your hair: $0.50
18. Lied about ur age: $3.00
19. Done something with someone older (like a few years): $3.00
20. Went out with someone OVER 18 (if your under 18): $4.00
21. Ate a whole thing of oreos: $0.50
22. Cried yourself to sleep: $1.00
23 .Said you love someone but didnt mean it: $1.00
24. Been in love: $4.00
25. Got caught doing something that you shouldnt have been doing: $1.00
26. Went streaking: $4.00
27. Got arrested: $5.00
28. Madeout with someone at the movies: $2.00
29. Peed in the pool: $0.50
30. Played spin the bottle: $1.00
31. Done something you regret: $3.00

Done! Add it up and post as "I'm woth $xx" on your blog, tag or whatever...(otherwise leave it as a comment here!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

one more hill and i will scream

comparing hiking for 3-4 hours and biking for 2-3 hours, i prefer hiking. fine pam & cheryl it wasnt THAT bad(dont mind goin again next week, but wait till the weekend to ask me)

start of the hike was ok, just walked thought bishan park to upper thopmson there. was fun just randomly talking, then cant remember where we walked but ended up some where next to one of the reservoirs where you can see bukit timah. and found a windy spot where the bunch of us didnt want to move casue it was nice and cool.

after our lil bit of heaven, we entered the first part of our hell. our first slope(cheryl could still say there were only 2!!) there were about 5 i think, i couldnt remember, was too tired from climbing them. and they werent anywhere close to gentle!

down to 129.5!!!

and the dark cloud passes over

i got a blue letter from MINDEF today. it says i am to report to Tekong at 0930 hours on the 15th of June 2007 for a 26-week BMT course.

i know i have been saing that i was looking forward to this, but now that its here its kinda a lil scarry....worst of all just as i get back my sis! hiaz...think we need to plan to meet once a month or something...too long with out proper human interaction could drive me insane(haha, might end up like that guy in full metal jacket!!)

from tmr onwards im gonna start training, so that i have SOME kind of fitness level(currently -2) fortunately im starting with a mornin hike with cheryl,pam, rach and some other people at Mc Richi...probably goin in jeans and a t-shirt...will be intersting. HAHA!

haha, feels like im gonna die!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a series of fortuanly unfortunate events: part II

sry for being late with this again....been caught up watchin supernatural.

so we were swiming and nic was completly in his hippie mood(he was one with nature) we didnt really swim...more of just sat in the water n stared at the waves waiting for a big one to jump into(like true spartans!) then it started raining so naturally there was ageneral concensis that it was time to leave(got a few nice shells by the way!) but problem was that me n nic had left our bags in the locker at the bike place, so we had to cycle to get them, at first in only a slight drissle(felt nice acctually) then on the way back the storm kicked in and so i was just having a leisurely cycle cause i kinda reached the point of 'there is nothing worse that could happen'. so we got to the toilet eventually and cleaned up and waited bout half an hour to an hour for the rain to stop so we could go. and everytime mel said 'ok the rain is stopping lets go' the rain jsut got heavier. and eventually we just said screw it and went out in to the drissle. 2 problems. firstly we had too much crap and had to devided it between the 4 of us. secondly, my thighs were gonna kill me if i cycled anymore, plus i couldnt balance with the crap i was carrying(neither could tim) so the 2 of us walked while nic n mel cycle off with the promise to come back and help.

though long and wet, the walk was acctually nice, and mel came by n helped tim so the 2 of them cycled off leaving me in a nice solitude. eventually when the bike shop was within eye shot, nic came by to 'rescue' me and sorta forced me into doing the last dash. after which we dragged our derenched selves into BK and took up 3 tables(one for us and 2 for our crap) which was ok since there was no one else in BK. and i went trigger happy with my camera, took a few of myself(including one with my bandana which i used as a hair band to keep back my frindge) our late lunch was followed by another hike to St Pats, for most of which "Awesome God" was playing over and over in my head.

and enjoyed an hour long bus ride back home(and the guys went to eddy's for singing lessons) while i spent a good half hour workin out the cramps in my legs. that was followed by the best hot shower ever!(especially after a whole day of being in cold water) then russed down to catch the rest of Miss Lee's lesson, but alas! i missed it :( but still got the notes for next weeks so hope i didnt miss too much... then luckily ed lives near a police post so i could make my first report. was a lil afraid, especailly since the rest of them couldnt come in(casue they would had to have been checked and we still had all our camping gear) so i sat alone(on a very comfy couch i might say) while 5 cops with guns walked around doin their usual work, lil scary.

day 1 over!

night 2 - got back to the camp site and re-set up, then since we were hungry we began cookin(this time in a hole in the ground) but the coals were crap so we decided to scavange for paper and used that instead, made corrned beef and pork cubes, tasted good acctaully, jsut a lil salty. any way played tie-ti a while longer and went to sleep.

day 2- we had a nice wake up call by 2 rain showers and a nice park ranger who came by to check our permit. and since we didnt have one , he gave us one. and told us you could go for 3 days n 2 nights. then we went for another swim and tim thought it would be a smart idea to take off his t-shirt and chuck it on the beach, by the time we were leaving it wasnt there anymore, haha. anyway was a pretty uneventfuly day till we were on the bus back. we were playin poker to pass the time and suddenly we heard some glass smash towards the front. we all looked up, looked at each other and kept playing, haha. apparently some taxi was coming out and the bus hit it(the bus had right of way if you were wondering) the only damage on the taxi was that the right side head light was smashed and tim said some of the body work as well. then we were stuck there for a while casue the drivers were talking. and then the driver must have been talkin to his boss casue he got back on and took down the number in the front, so he would only drop off people, not pick up. and was cool casue there was no trafic till we hit St Michalle's road area. but was still cool.

anyway i got home and ate! just ate...was too hungry...then called up mom to tell her bout the whole wallet thing. and she was pretty cool with it so im lucky! then i just nodded off and got up at 4:22, just in time to answer a call for dad and to get ready for ex-men(originally suppsoed to meet jo at newton mrt at 5 but was late so met nic and ed at bishan at 530, and bought a replacment ez-link) anyway was an hour long bus ride from newton to ben's place and the guys spent the whole time playing questions. and had to stand cause there were no seats. so by the time we got to the coffee shop for dinner my legs were on the verge of crapming.

and that ends part 2, casue i have to runn off for h2o now!

SIDE NOTE: i got my sis back!! YAY!
P.S. Missed you loads and im sorry too! =)
Take care ok!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

a series of fortunaly unfortunate events: part I

as you all know i went on a camping trip(no duh if you havent seen my last 2 entries) n i took quite a few pictures then, but im too tired still to sort through them and upload them, but i promise to do it eventually; SO nic and tim you will have to settle for a word entry for now!

ok so day one; wednesday night, had a 'last meal' with my parrents casue the were flyin off to perth to see my siblings the next mornin(and i kena a responsibility lecture from my mom when she found out bout the camping trip....she was askin how i expected to take care of my cat when i was gonna do this spur of the moment things) any way, had a strange feeling that i shouldnt go the whole day, but decided to be stubborn and just go. to an extent a bad idea.

met the guys at church casue mel had a meeting on and we were goin after that. was pretty suppried to see princess conny(edward chia) and chris there, some how nic had phycod chris down n chris dragged her majesty into it (the princess thing will be explained later). and since we increaded our numbers we had to take 2 cabs, so the 3 stooges(nic chris n ed) ran into the first cab(comfort) and left me, mel n tim to wait for a second one...which was a merce(MUAHAHA, in your face nic!) the ride was damn cool, plus if you have been in a merce cab b4, u will know they tend to speed quite a bit, so we ended up waiting 10 minutes for the 3 stooges. then we had to hike for damn long(east coast macs to AFTER costa sands chalets) cause mel wanted a secluded area, which though was incredebly inconvinent, i must admit it was really nice to be the only people around(though we had a LOT of cats for company, chris was freaked the whole night). though we didnt do much, just played tie-ti till about 2 then went on a walk to the jetty. i didnt enjoy the jetty that much, think i was just really tired, kept feeling uneasy the whole time we were there. then we went back to camp and we were all hungry so i being the prepared chef i was made rice and corned beef in a pot with at charcoal 'fire'. im pretty prowd of myself casue the rice was almost properly cooked(some of it could have used a bit more cooking) but all in all i was happy cause i managed to cook something with such an uncontrolable heat source(yes i have pictures of it) but took a while to cook so we played our veriation of 21 question(basically some one thinks of something and the rest have to guess only using yes or no questions and only a max of 21)(our version is we set a topic and you have 5 questions and a final guess, mostly played people we knew) so after breakfast/late supper was sun up already so we were tired and decided to sleep(the mun jan in one tent and the hei ren in the other; FYI: mel brought a 6 man tent, the mun jan tent and chris brought a 8 man tent, the hei ren tent) but princess conny laid his head down for 10 seconds and couldnt take it. so he summoned his man-servant(chirs) to pack up and leave.(we called him princess cause he cant stand getting dirty) and that concludes night one.

You may go to take a toilet break now. btw there is still 2 more days and 1 more night to go through!

Welcome back, now on to day 1! we slept at 7 ish(am) and got up at 1030(one reason to why im tired now) then we had to hike all the way back to burger king to rent bikes(was my 4th or 5th time riding and first time properly stopping and using the gears!!) so firts major unfortuante event, the shorts i was using(yes, me the guy who LIVES in jeans was wearing shorts) had a really crappy back pocket so naturally after we got the bikes my wallet dropped out, and i didnt notice till we were at the coffee shop ordering lunch (which was 2 maybe 3 km away from the bike shop) so mel and tim went out hunting for it, and nic was kind enough to cover me for the food and dirinks(sugar cane with a wedge of lemon, the most refreshin thing ever, and was super cold too!) too bad they couldnt find my wallet, so we all head out to try again, but to no avail, so i we agreed never mind just try to enjoy. so we headed back for the coffee shop and it started raining so we stopped to wait for the rain to pass. and i cant make the sharp turn leading into the coffe shop, first time i went into the bushes next to it, second time there was some idiot corssing as i was turning(i hadnt learnt to stop yet at that time) so i turned to miss him and ran side ways into the wall behind him(my palm was red for a while). had a short depressing walk in the rain to the shelter where the guys had parked their bikes n we grabbed a table and started playin shit(or asshole, which ever you prefer, its a slight variatuion to tie-ti) then just as we were packin up one of the guys form the indian muslim stall came over and asked us what game we were playing, was kinda funny at the time. after that we went to the jetty(the same one we were at in the moring) then as we got to the end we could see the rain start to come form where we came from so mel came up with the idea of us out running it.(let me put it to you this way; 10 minutes later we were drenched) but we kept goin, with a rest break for my sake every 20-30 minutes(was really taxing on my legs). we saw the east coast OBS thingy. looked pretty cool, and got my crash cource on gears after that (still not sure the theory of it, but i understand when im screwing up )then tim found another' jetty kinda thing so we went in to make one big round just for fun. and i saw a puddle so though it go though it 'just for fun'. probably wasnt such a good idea to try to turn while goin thought it, mostly casue the bike slipped and thus i fell. i remember specificly going down and thinking 'Oh shit'. tell you the truth was kinda fun, casue the puddle was pretty deep so it felt like some water theme park ride! but with a hard rough floor that gives you really bad cuts on your knee and elbow plus added moss for colour. funny that it started raining again after i got back up...and all i could do was laugh, think the guys must have thouht i hit my head or something! so went to a near by shower to wash off the moss and we continued to the SAF chalets then turned back casue the rest of the journey would be highway and i was in no way ready for that. so we turned back a decided to swim when we eventually got back to camp.

ARGH! im too tired to finish this now!!! but it will be finished tmr! i hope, casue got street soccer tmr, im gonna be so tired! :'(

SIDE NOTE: have a new fav song for the moment! Sunrise Avenue's Fairytale Gone Bad, there is a you tube link under the music section. enjoy!

"Out of my head, out of my bed,
out of the dreams we had, they're bad,
tell them it's me who made you sad,
tell them the fairytale gone bad." Fairytale Gone Bad by Sunrise Avenue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

life experiences

hmm, ok i know i usually bitch bout my days in bb, but guess while packing for this camping trip i finally see a use for all the skills i picked up there, enjoy these pic from my packing....

From those camps i went to, i know what to pack.

First aid training

haha, from top left; frying pan, pot, spoons, forks, salt, pepper, corrned beef, soup, wooden utensils(casue wood is more fun) rice and lunchon meat.

Im not crazy, just prepared.

4 men in a 6 man tent; prelude

A camping we will go, a camping we will go! hi-ho-de-tell-i-o a camping we will go!!

some how after h20 i ended up goin over to mel's with nic n tim, and somehow we decided to go on a camping trip at changi from wednesday night till friday morning. was very spur of the momement and the only thing we acctually finalised is that we are goin, still not confirmed on what to bring, guess im gonna have to work on that after i wake up.

and so as 'compensation' for all you lovely viewers, here is something to tie you over till i get back its something i realised recently, and have been meaning to share...

ok, so first i need to get you up to speed: back in sec 4 i was under loads of pressure from studies(i know it was just n lvl but i just couldnt be botherd, plus mom wouldnt give me a moments peace) CCAs(my captain in boys brigade wouldnt let me step down from first aid I/C of the sch, of which i wanted to quit since sec 2 casue of the damn racism plus i was forced to do so much work casue no one else wanted to do it and no one gave me any respect and my media club teacher continualy insisted she needed me in the next year, both of which i just didnt want to devote anymore time to) and to top it all off i had a thing for my best friend(also my other best friend's girl friend) screwed enough for you? haha, and thats just a summary. only good thing i had goin back then was that i was starting to get back into the faith.

so now that your up to speed i can continue. with all that crap going around, naturally when my mom offered me the chance to go off to aust to take a dip i took it, i know i was just using it as a form of escaping, but given the 3 places i could have studied i feel i picked the best one; Aquainas colledge(an all boy bording catolic school which focuses on character building) Murdoch colledge(and do foundation year which is equivalent to A lvls, in 1 year) or Alexander Institute(Cert III/IV in hospitality and Dip in business, obviously the one i chose).

and since when i first moved there i was under 18 i had to stay with a guardian family(well ended up with a 30 something woman who had a cat) and that 6 months were the most beneficial thing to happen to me. it was basically 6 months of solitude, casue she didnt have an efficeint com and was using dial up so couldnt keep in touch with the people i left behind. it took me at least 2hrs to get to my uncle's place from where i stayed, my bro and sis had their own stuff to take care of(so we only met on the weekends) thus i didnt have much contact with my family, and casue it was difficult to go to church i didnt bother. which left me quite alone the first few weeks, so since i couldnt look outwards, i had to look inwards and in doin so not only found myself(as in found out who i really was, this weird guy who has a major feminine side and learnt to accept it) and in doing so i feel that i found God, or at least took a step closer to doing so.

SIDE NOTE: wish me luck on my camping trip, will miss you!

Life is like a rose, whne your going through it all you see is the thorns, but at the end of it all, when you look back, you will see it really was quite beautiful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

repressed memories

Amnesia. to many its a curse, but i see it as a blessing. often remembering is more painful than the acctual event. too often for me. haha, bright side its been a while since i have seen my tears. many would take that as a sign im living a happier life, but im not so sure. 14 odd years of shying away and 4 of which were supressing any emotion at all will kinda screw you up a lil. ah, ehough depression for one night. least i cant remember it all...

on a brighter note(much much brighter) had the longest chat ever with my mom yesterday(oddly eneded bout this time 24hrs ago) any who! we had a 3hr chat that didnt involve any lecture or scolding. just talking bout everything. i even finally told her about jess(my-ex; long story), like every detail. n even bout the things i went through in aust(i was originally using it as a form of escaping, but in the end i found myself and learnt to be happy)

watched pathfinder today, was a good movie by my standards(it had a swords and a guy killing some people; story line was pretty cool too) then met nat at dome and had a suaning session with her(tim was the target) and then met the girls after their movie outing(they watched 23) and we had a rather random conversation(of which i can only recall phantom of the opera and jo having strange dreams)

then went with the guys to play monopoly (lost interest when nic had all the properties by his 4th time around the board) so for the rest of the game just sat in the middle and played brick on my phone. haha. then we player poker with monopoly money, nic got owned, owed me over 1.5k by the 3rd round, haha. but then i decided to change game to tie-ti and nic ended up the big winner.

(i know i said enough depression, but cant help it, n technicall its not depression!)and had my weekly walk home from bishan, and for the first time i had some company(tim) but whole time i felt damn irritated, casue usually have my walks as a form of quite time, where i enjoy being alone....hiaz, don noe what to do!

'If you're feeling lost
And you wanna be free
And you feel like your world is tearing up at the seams
Remember there's light
If you wait till the dawn
You may walk through the clouds
But to carry on
You've got to follow the sun' - Follow the Sun by Forte, a mother's wish for her youngest son.

Monday, April 9, 2007

can anyone find me a chocolate egg that say 'Easter' on it?

Easter. ok. mom was sweet n gave me a Wonka caramel egg that she got on her last trip to Perth, but somehow im in no mood to eat chocolate(think im still full from the pizza...) then this mornin rushed down to church(ie took cab) and the drive was damn cute; i tried to tip him, but he said to give it to church (dont think he was even christian)

all in all i was pretty happy, after mass got to spend some time at the carnival thingy with friends(mostly watchin the band while pam hit me with baloons) cause had to run off to Kembangan for lunch with my family(luckily my mom never goes to a family gathering early or rarely on-time) so my parrents came by church to pick me up(an saved me a 1hour bus ride!) and for lunch had lasange(that i made a week or so ago) and salad with pasta sauce(no, it wasnt served like that, the salad was just dry and that was the only thing on the table i couold put on it, never the less really good,haha) and had loads for tea!(really was a feast)had like 4 pieces of love cake(one of my fave cakes, but only when made nicely, i ike it undercooked so that it isnt cake mix, but not yet a cake: its hard to explain) then on top of that still could go for curry puff, some chicken pie, and some really good goreng pissang. plus 3 or 4 cups of spice tea.

read the first few chapters of 'He Chose the Nails'. Max Lucando is a really cute writer(as in a lot of his jokes are cute, and he goes on these long meaningful 'rants' so the book is pretty intersting, and yes it does acctaully have some content; its about the gifts that god gave us in the passion; he gives reasons for each point of suffering - the torment by the soldiers, the crown of thorns, the nails. basically everthing other than the cross. and it has a lot of focus on the fact that Jesus never used his devine powers during the passion. thanks ec!

SIDE NOTE: got home bout 7 and crashed by 8, then got up at 1150 casue had a missed call, daph wanted to thank me for yesterday, n now i wanna go back but i have gastric, and i think im hungry, still cant figure that out. and im just typing waht ever comes to mind now....

If you hide your heart from others, how is God supposed to find it?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Just another saturday

watched first 5eps of Supernatural today(finally!!) its great, i recomend it to anyone who has the time! then suddenly at like 2 daisy calls me and tells me to call daph cause daph was really bored at home. so had a 15 min convo with her about how bad her bday was goin and how she was doin nothing(felt really bad casue couldnt say nething bout the suprise party we planned;DUH or it wont be a supprise)

dont know her exact feeling but guess she was really greatful to the bunch of us for doin something for her. she was supposed to meet daisy at 3 then go to town to meet jo, then they would meet aloy n jorlyn n drive around then go to Ohisi! pizza for buffet(if u ever go, go with at least 8 people; 10 bucks for all u can eat but $4 for every slice u leave behind) but was SO good, we all ate till we were damn full. and there was a bunch of people from Holy Spirit celebrating a birthday next to us so was pretty cool(so many april babies sia!!!) and i was expectin a lil more emotion when she opened her prez loh, she practically just stoned at it, or maybe was just speachless. ah eihter way she seemed happy with the whole thing.

then went to julia's for mindless taboo, then nat n ec came n brough a 'wet floor' sign, we all still dont know why. then was gonna play pool with ec and the twins, but in the end was too late for ec casue he was gona play soccer in the mornin, so in the end went out with the twins and the chua brothers, tried to play pool but no place was open, so we sat in the car for 10 min tryin to decide where to go and fianlly setteled on prata(where terence had just come from). had a bomb, it was great in all its sugar and butterness(or ghee)! but the teah alia was a let down, was expecting spice tea but got ginger tea instaed(has a horrible after taste). after that we went to McRichi and played around with a crap lighter that terence found somewhere, while celester tried not to fall asleep.

SIDE NOTE: ec passed me a book called 'He chose the nails' by Max Lucado. its about what God did to win our hearts, he got it from jo, and it looks pretty interesting. will give a evaluation of it when im done.

I walk a different path.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

not so bad friday

haha, someone cant predict the weather. but when i went to get the mail it was dry n after my shower the ground was wet. so maybe she is right just a lil off timing. anyway mass was great(love the tradition thing! love holy week masses!!)

and i had the will power to fast the whole day! had prata at like 12 in the mornin, then had fish and a hot cross bun for lunch and anothe hot cross bun for dinner, n even survived the burger cook out for mel's bday(haha, all said wanna keep the fast then in the end just whack). was kinda fun, playing poker for a bit, n jo was the big winner at the end!

and proud of myself for keeping my abstinence too; didnt play Conquer though out lent and on good friday didnt play any video games at all(would have gave up my computer completely but might have gone a lil cranky so i allowed myself music and msn only, and even then only thousand foot krutch and i didnt talk to any one other than fran, i missed pam and daph; as in i went afk and then when i got back they had left a message n gone offline.) oh i also gave up my iPod for the day.

saw a lil bit of this Robin Williams show, have no idae what its called but was damn cool, his character was from a mental institution and he got better by helpin the other patients casue the doctors didnt give a damn bout them. and so he decieds he is goin to go to medical sch n bacome a doc that helps paitients, very touching story, you can really see a lot of his personalilty in it. very beautiful.

SIDE NOTE: thanks tim for the pic of pink roses, i am so in love with them now!!(and i know that might sound gay, but i dont know any other way to phrase it)

Its easier to be in pain then to see someone else in pain and be able to do nothing about it.

Friday, April 6, 2007

new friend

ok its not so much of 'new friend' more of got to know an old one. Fran n me used to be from the same pri sch(and no i dont keep in contact with any of the ppl i knew form then). Only time i acctaully remember meeting her was back in 02 after i went to visit my pri sch on chinese new yr. and i didnt even meet her there, met up with some of my old chess club buddies(yes, if u havent noticed im a geek, my blog has elements of D&D!) and we went out for lunch and bowling n they called some other ppl along. any way we met fran at the bowling place, and didnt really talk tt much to her that day n basically didnt see her again till like nov 06(she looked familiar but couldnt remember where i met her b4, but obviously now i do!) so now i know someone else who likes LP!! YAY!

mass was acctually cool today. was the passover feast. wanted to have that fried bun you get form the hor fun place for rememberence(its late im not gonna look up how to spell that word) but they didnt have it so had to settle for prata after the play instead. as for the play i shall not be a critic casue im an ex-TOG member, but will leave it as; it was a nice production and there were some good ideas in it(focusing on a few of the deciples and doin those 'flash back moments' and how each 'moment' was related to that specific character)

A wise man and a young fool. Never a dull moment.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

a long day part 2.5: still goin and still got more to come

GRR!!! finally felling better(my cold thingy kinda went away) but now think i got some gastric thing going...i just wanna puke(an i shall end it there, for the sake of all you wonderful viewers)

at first was glad that poker night was back but think once a week of playin cards and talkin rubbish and crap rumors that are half or whole truths, but now that we have played cards 2 days in a row, im getting sick of it. so think nic, we dont lepak underblock for a while, just stay home sleep!

still in my pink mood....haha, dont ask me why. ooh speaking of pink, i got a new wallpaper for my phon(a drawing of 3 pink roses) I LOVE IT! :D n the purple background make is so much better!

and even though i was offerd that job interview i dont feel like goin for it....cant be bothered to go down, and yes as the title implies my 'long day' continues (if you are wondering why im calling it a long day its casue i keep doing something everyday, thus why im bloggin so bloody much, and im still waiting for the day i just crash and stone) and the day is just gonna continue casue now my cuz has got me to help her with some stuff(she gave me 2 options, 1. i can do it willingly or 2. i can just let her dump stuff on me) got to love your family dont you!

If you want to call me weird, then show me a normal person first.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


YA TA!!!

finally got to catch the new LP vid! bloody awesome!!! cant wait...Minutes to Midnight May 14th!!! IF any of you are interested its under the new music links. IF.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

a long day part II; the journey continues

yes its been 5 days now that i have been constantly out doing something; lucky my god ma paid me for lookin after her dog if not would have been broke ages ago(lucky also my parrents dont know bout my blog, if not i'll kena another money managment lectuer from mom)

today(tuesday) went fairly well, i completed half the things i wanted to do(the entire list being 1. Watch the new Linkin Park video and 2.Eat lunch with mom and dad.) unexpectedly i did number 2!(and in the process missed number 1) after a short while of lazing around, i unexpectedly got a call from some place called VE group(they got my number off some survey i did while waitin for my cell member last h20+) cant remember much, jsut tt i arranged to go down for an interview on monday at 2pm, they dont mind hireing me for 2 months(cause probably will go NS in june), it pays 1.5k and they have flexible hours. as to what they acctually do or what is expected of me i have no clue. but the guy told me i could talk it out with the manager as to what i will do. if its office work i dont mind that much, but if its like take surveys im walkin out of there.

after that rann of to chris' place thingy. basically pasta with sauce that looks like chicken curry and tastes like lasange. and we had sparkling grape juice and mocktails. still not sure why.

Mel's birthday today(wednesday) and since im not sure if he come here will not bother to wish him here. went out with him, eddy c, nic, chris and jo after h20. went for the killer prata near his place. chris ordered a 'super prata'....was one big ass of a prata and jo had a try at cuttign it up(she basically masacared it) and basically spent the rest of the morning playing 'shit'(like tie-ti but more fun, in a way) then we were all hungry so tot would be smart n order mac at 4am, then they said will be there at 510, so all patiently waited and pased the time playing cards. at 530 the damn guy still wasnt there and they didnt even call us. so we just canceled the order and went home tired and hungry.

Side note: some how i droped my iPod outside Mel's place. DAMN tyco his sis found it and called Mel about it.

haha enjoy that for now goin to sleep and dont expect me up b4 12, unless u really wanna be annoying and message me then thats another thing 50/50 i will wake up and reply. muhahahah!!

and since u stayed for 'supper' i can expect a lot of:
*Pam. said:

Scientific research has proven that lack of sleep and level of sanity in an individual are related.


*Pam. said: boss didnt zip!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


beginin to feel seriously nostalgic now a days. past week or so has been hectic, im always out and doing somethingand its kinda getting to me a lil. havent had a meal(not even a snack) wiht my parrents for over a month, n the last time i had dinner wiht my mom(at the seafood place in Bedok) but i was angry at her so doesnt count.

and think the whole stayin over at 47(my gran's place) kinda bought back really old memories n have a sudden craving to hear Pink- Dont Let Me Get Me and a few Linkin Park songs i havent heard in over 3yrs!! so really feel like im goin back to my roots now.

YAY! Linkin Park's new vid in a few hrs time! SO excited!

Dont ask why i do the things i do. I dont have the answer to that question. Seriously.

Monday, April 2, 2007

a long day

*sigh* been feeling sick since friday, but havent had my usual day of rest(porrige and crashing on the couch while watchin what ever is on tv)

Had the bbq at Julia's on sat, though wasnt much of a bbq, we were suppsoed to start at 630 ish but didnt get the thing goin till like 9 and we had to clear out at 10. so cooked some stuff in the kitchen so tt ppl wouldnt be just bumming around hungry. but thanks to nat everyone had something to do; look throught the hedge maze for EC's slipper. Great timeing that they found it just as the first batch of food was ready. Haha n think i got too much food....there was like 500g of the black bean chicken(little saltish but still good). think a lot of the beef sashimi, and not sure but would expect a lot of the char siew chicken. But was fun, after we were forced to vacate the pit area went up to Julia's place n half of us(the guys) were watchin soccer and the ohter half(the girls; including edward issac n myself) were playin taboo. wiht a few people multi-taking between the two.

After that had it qualifies as a lecture...on gifts by edward cause someone had said that they are not sure of their gifts(which i belive many of us are). And just like every other lecture i have been through, i dont remember much of it(as in i remember who was there and being there and someone talking, but cant remember the exact words said). But belive the jist was 'It will be revealed when it is time'(my words not his).

Then had my weekly walk home from Bishan and wrote that poem in the previous post. And only after reading it a few times did i realise how deep it was(and no im still not explainin it, some ppl may know what it is a bout but its writen to someone, and im not sure if that person will get it, but ya its for tt person)

Then slept for a few hrs, missed the 930 mass(i was even late for the 1130 mass). Walked in to chrch then chris was in the conner n motioned tt there was a seat(which there was obviously not!! THANKS LOTS!) so ended up sitting on the floor, oddly next to the pew daisy was in, but didnt notice till the sign of peace. offence to the choir but i was half expecting 'No Greater Love' as the thanksgiving hymn concidering the Gospel was the passion. que sera sera!

OK i agree with those ppl who said TMNT wasnt tt good. the classic comedy of the good old days was there, but the story line wasnt tt amasing. And was a little anti-climactic when tt last beast swept in the 4 generals, i mean there was enough for another good fight scene there, and it all just went to need to go look for my next movie to watch.
******SPOILER OVER******

And met Cheryl on sunday....was the most interesting first meetin i had so far. After Edward Issac introed us, the first thing she said was 'Do you have a sister called Rebecca?'(yes by the way) so was a lil stunned, then she went on 'Ya she maxed out my library card'. so ya, interesting first meeting. Edward keeps encouraging me to just go all out an suan every girl he intros me to, but usually dont find much to suan them about...haha, in fact it easier to suan him, haha, lil sorry bout the bbq man, was just too good a chance to pass up.(cant remember what it was but remembered there was 2 occasions)

enough reading material Pam??

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Mountain and The Sea

So here I stand
Between the mountain and the sea
Two places of such great beauty

The first offers air that is fresh and crisp
Clean and pure is her snow
Her caverns offer shelter
And glisten with gold

The sea is where my loyalty lies
I trust her well and she is good to me
I listen all day to her song
And she reads my words with a smile

If the sea should retract her waters from the mountain,
I will follow her till the ends of the earth
And shed but one tear for the mountain

Though it pains me to leave,
The sea is where my heart wants to be

and no i will not explain this!