Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye 2007

twins just left. felt so good to hang out with them again. missed them alot since goin into army. just cooking, talking, watchin tv, movie(hehe talking about will smith! haha, last year was orlando VS johnny) so happy, we goin to have regular lunches now.

My two favorite 'students'

in retro spec

had the ritualistic norfor games night(sat night-sun morn) and was great as usual. i dont know why but when i play games with my family i rely on luck and random strategy and somehow come out quite well(most of the time)

then crashed and was woken up at 1050 or the like, so just enough time to take a shower and cab down for the Pslam(currently contemplating a hidden message in the 2nd reading and gospel, but might just be over thinking it. time will tell)

and for lunch was fish n chips at toa payoh! with pam n cheryl and some amplify people. very summarific(hope you get it cause i dont know how to explain it) of my whole year. good food, good friends, good life. then went handphone (window) shopping cause pam's phone has been giving her some problems(yes cheryl, mine has problems too)

we felt quite cheap sitting in long john's(plaza sing) sharing a cup of lemon tea. pam was staring at a shop across long john's n went over cause the blouses were catching her eye. she ended up getting a nice red top for chinese new year, and i ended up doing the same thing i did with cheryl's earrings.(pam said i dont have to get her a bday prez now, but im sure she will forget by then, haha) and since we went by toa payoh(on the way home, for her) we just HAD to get chicken wings!

then was off to holland v to meet julia and marie n chris to tag along shopping(though they were almost done by the time i got there) we tried to go to the costume shop but was closed so just slacked at starbucks n everyone said they didnt want anything but in the end the girls got drinks and a quiche, chris got a mocha frappe(which he found too bitter which i find funny from someone who drinks teh aliah) and i got my vanilla latte(which didnt have that much vanilla in it, i like coffee bean's better) then chris started to play with the straws and my hands got itchy so i made a crane out of the receipt(i dont know why im making cranes now) and did the cheryl/pam thing on julia with a piano wallet, which we all thought was very her.

dinner was hor fun at some place that i forgot the name of. but was really good so i dont mind goin back(i know where it is so its goo enough!) then was to nic's for caroling(how the heck they fit us and 21 carolers in that house we dont know) then was to my place to chill and dessert, which was me n the girls eating ben & jerry's. mich is happy there are leftovers.

i just won. im orange by the way. and yes im serious.i swear these two were made for each other. even eddy agrees!
Roasted Sweet Pork hor fun. basically hor fun with sui juk in char siew gravyi got distracted while typing this post(dont worry cherly there are 26)like i said, bored.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

just as i thought

first prac lesson today, was pretty fun, though rather tiering. got thrown around by 3 different guys.

ended up goin for the youth camp party thingy(and seemed rather ignored, haha, no not really anyone's fault) and just as i expected i just hung out with cheryl. between just chatting bout everything(including a couple of things from last year that most people didnt know about; though she may have already forgotten) and running away from everyone else and walking the long way around just to spy on them, sneaking up on daphne and whispering quite loudly(haha)

3 out of 10.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

no time :(

Oh where, oh where has all my time gone
Oh where, oh where can it be
With this and that going from here to there
Oh where, oh where can it be?

just caught i am legend, wasnt the best movie ive seen will smith in but was still really cool. but sad thing is that the converse shop was closed by the time the movie was over so couldnt try and get a new pair of shoes(that ive been tryin to get for months!) still cant really make up my mind between a second pair of adidas or converse.

and to further drive home the fact that i have no time, my guitar is still missing 2 strings and only NOW do i realise the strings i hurriedly got are acoustic strings. least becky is nice enough to go help me get them changed, might ask her to help me string n tune it too. she might be happy since she was complaining bout being stuck at home today.

2 out of 10. im gonna get through this.

SIDE NOTE: some big changes round the house. dont really have the time to sit n deal with my feelings about them. the first was sorta a long time coming, and in a way it is a good thing. hes not suffering anymore. the second im really really not sure how i feel about it. Thank you to my 2 best friends. your words(that ive hung off my tv set) mean alot to me. and thats kinda why i keep smiling. You =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Chrismas 07

one thing i discovered this year; im a better cam whore than my sister. haha.

every time she tried to take one of us she kept getting cut off
steve n lumin
dessert! choc cake n brown brothers....mmmm....
Co-facils!Co-chef! haha been too long since we last cooked together.Daphne.
i just realised this is a very yin-yang shot. obviously there is the whole balance of skin color, then im wearing black n benji is wearing white and nic is wearing both.

see told ya id put them up!

daphne managed to talk angel into going for the eXcess party after mass and angel asked me to accompany her since we were both goin to cheryl's. and as soon as i got to eddy's place(after a stream of bad 'jeremy' jokes; since i happen to be talking to rizario and chua was behind me) they pointed me to the kitchen n to the pasta. cant say i didnt enjoy it.

SIDE NOTE: thanks to everyone who gave me chocolates n random sweets for xmas. they are gonna keep me awake during lectures since i have yet to recover from this year's xmas parties.
SIDE NOTE: and thank you for the heart felt cards....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

xmas 07

ok, only pictures. too long to explain.

the start of cheryl's nightmare....pour....
drink, and repeat. haha
bottoms up?
add a touch of lipstick....
and its all her fault! haha!a daisy, a bluebell and a rose.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gai Gai

went shopping at far east with cheryl and esper. originally wanted to look for xmas gifts but in the mornin kinda changed my mind and decided i wanted jeans. my target was 2 pairs, in the end only got one. but still like it alot. my fashion consultants picked out a top to match too. haha.

random funny moment: cheryl told me n esper we were part of a lucky few getting personalized xmas cards this year and we both looked at each other n said 'yay!' in the exact same tone. haha.

then went to the cartel at j8 with cherly casue she was being affected by the crowds in town(dont know why suddenly after 3 everywhere was packed). haha was my first time at cartel so had to try something(helped i was hungry but not starving) so got some cheddar fries n we snatched some bread. really should go there more often, nice place to chill. haha.they didnt have doughnuts, so we made our own! cheryl's magnetic personality! and then, both of us were.....falling asleep while waiting for adrian who didnt come
to my two lovely fashion consultants who picked out a new outfit for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

onion in eye! onion in eye!!

just made fish curry cause i thought my lovely parents had gone off and forgotten bout me. turns out i forgot steve n lumin are back n were taking mom out. no matter, i love working 8-5 casue i get to have dinner at home or with friends. and get to cook when im not too tired, which since im not really doin anything at work im kinda full of energy! haha!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just be me

after work went to j8 to 'eat dinner with' cheryl(i ate, she didnt) then we went down to the foyer to have a look at stuffed toys and played with a couple of bears, then started going up and down. she was looking out for stuffed toys, clothes, shoes, earings. i was looking for silver rings.

and finally found a nice one at bits & pieces and got it engraved on the inside. and cheryl got really kaypo when i told the guy i wanted it engraved; one side says 'for those i love' and on the other 'PCED' and it took her from when we left the shop till i picked it up to figure out what pced stood for(and the rest of you can just go guess!)

and she learned that when i said i'll randomly get xmas presents i ment it, haha.
i tried.
when i went to pick it up i was just gonna take the ring, the guy kinda pushed the box so this is dedicated to bits & pieces guy.and thats where i put it so i dont lose it, on the most unused keys on the entire keyboard. the back lights were cause i thought it would be cooler.

SIDE NOTE: cheryl: the engraving is too small for my cam to shoot properly, maybe you can try yours.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Exhaused but Energetic

back from youth camp and dead tired, but really emotionally and spiritually high. Really love my group; Shadow of the Day(Kevin, Mindi, Ryan, Sylvia) they were so cute! and really made my first time facilitating(first time at youth camp for that matter) a really memorable one. Thanks Andrea for taking the lead when i couldn't find the words to say, still new to this.

And of course the mattress gang!!! haha, swapping beds, talking random things, camo paint! haha. thank you all for making it so much fun.The Mattress Gang v2.0

Thursday, December 13, 2007


went clothes shopping after pop, found a nice black long sleeve shirt, not as fancy as id like but still nice. i finally used my og card, ironically it was on giodarno stuff....

and i have started buying xmas gifts for others, and decided its gonna be random. already got the first one, still not sure how many im gonna get(so if you dont get one i probably didnt see anything nice that reminded me of you)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


yes its finally here, just 3 more parade states to write before i close the book for the 27th eagle batch.

on a less regimented note, went for session today. surprised how comfortable i feel with the group, thought it would be weird with out cheryl around but was ok. then after i and ed wanted to go play cs, but our kaki all got problem; first one didnt answer her phone, second one answered but was too lazy to leave the house, the 3rd one answered but had to go work in a bit.

then called tine to see if she wanted to just hang out(no need for cs) n turns out she n ther were watching a movie at home so called them down, only prob being they would only leave the house at 6. so to kill time we helped van n mel set up the booth for youth camp(its the least a facil can do right?)

then at 6is we went to jubilee(around there) and were early so went to check out the cash converters on a random whim, and i saw a really nice looking acoustic going for 110. still weighing the pros & cons of buying it(FYI it looks in good condition). then when we were bored of that decided to just start without them n had a game of jedi academy(casue i mentioned that hellgate = jedi academy + diablo + resident evil(has the feel of) + x-men legends(the quest thingy)

and we discovered that BOTH the wong twins have SCARY para skills. i got head shot by tine(her first time playing as she usually boycotts lan shops mind you!!) 5 times in a ROW! from across the map!(iceworld/pool day).

n got back just in time to see aunty mare off.

SIDE NOTE: i dont like continental cars. they arnt as easy to reverse park. either that or im out of practice. still prefer the camry though. lucky i want a celica n not a commodore(and that is about as much as anyone will ever hear me talking about cars).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

a new begining, an ancient call

as one season comes to a close,
so too must a new journey unfold.
but a brief moment to remember all those,
those who made you more bold.

gave you courage to step up,
push through the fear in your heart.
even if their lessons were abrupt,
as long as you remember some part.

we move on and grow strong,
live for today and hope for tomorrow.
let go of all that have wronged,
and shed the burden of sorrow.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

*cough* *cough*

damn! i got a lot of junk, and thats just on my computer. was transferring some files and then suddenly a window pops out sayin im out of hard disk space! all 320GB! lol so had to go do some spring cleaning n have cleared 42GB.

on another note im addicted to Hellgate:London...and even though its like diablo, to me its the kinda game you play once all the way thru so not gonna make an online account...having way too much fun with my blademaster in single player!