Friday, March 30, 2007


yay! survived my 2 days of doggy daycare. Snow is acctually getting better, hes more alert now, even went after the mail man! n my phone died today...wasnt tt bad really i was kinda ok with it(ironically i gave up JUST as i was about to message everyone tt the bbq was postponed). so was out for 1 and a half hrs(between waiting for the lasange to finish and getting from siglap to braddell n getting past my mom with a million questions) and when i got it back on, found 2 messages sayin that the bbq had a change of venue(thus ironic why my phone died as i was about to message everyone).

Life is random, roll with it.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Indian home, prata and curry with tea for breakfast. very cliché. Guess the fact that my 2nd childhood home is being sold has finally caught up with me. So many memorise here. Aunty Mare, Snowy. Novena masses. Walking Snow to church and prayin at the grotto. The countless weekends i & becky spent here while mom & dad were at a ME weekend. Waking up to freshly made apom wiht orange sugar. Gran pa's banana toast(he would slice it up and pour orange sugar or white sugar with cinnamon over it and tosat it). My first guitar lesson(learnt G, C and D, then stopped for a yr). My first glass of wine. My first Baileys(yes tine i remember i still owe u some). Those rosarys with gran ma & gran pa before bed. Those weekly family gatherings and all the currys you could ever try. All the games we played; running around playing freeze and melt with Raf and all(cuzs, bestfriends and godbrothers). Christmas Baulderdash with becky, sab, aly, tash and occasionally mich. All those weird made up meanings(nidor=the screw that holds your spects together). Grand pa's Orchids. Just too many memories. Strangly, all of them happy ones. This was a good home. I will miss you so. Love you Grand pa, Love you Gran ma.


13/7/88 - Year of the Earth Dragon
Chinese Superstition:
-Dragon = lucky
- 88 = lucky
Western Superstition
- 7 = lucky
-13 = unlucky

Thats my luck. Seriously. For every 3 good things that happen there will be one bad. Yesterday was gonna go to my God ma's to look after my cat and her dog. So that was 1 good, casue i seriously missed her(my cat, but ya missed my God ma too). THen in this super long taxi ride(Braddell to Changi - 15 minutes. Braddell to Changi + major jam = 45 minutes, fare was $16!). My mom decides its the best time to tell me we will not be keeping the cat(she wanted to give it to the neighbours accross the road form my gran's(god ma's) place. I was bloody pissed, was doin all i could not to cry. Then she had to rub it in by tryin to reason with my why its inpractical to keep the cat. Whole time i was just thinking 'How can you put a price on love?!' but just couldnt say it, probably would have kena a long lecture on money managment and 'just casue you love something doesnt mean you have to be un-logical(i dont care if that isnt the proper word, it works!) and ect...

ANYWAY! was my God pa's birthday so we went out for seafood some where in Bedok. Cant remember exactly where, but it was SO good!! We had sweet sour pork, kang-kong(spinach) some noodle thingy, Yam basket, those deep fried steamed bun things, cereal KING PRAWNS! and black pepper crab. The king prawns we HUGE!!! They were about the lenght of my hand(heel of palm to tip of middle finger, and twice as thick as my thumb!!) $25 for 8 of them! well worth it. Then was the crab...Its Singapore black pepper crab, what more can i say? its just good. You cant describe it, but u know waht i mean. and all of tt came up to $120 and tt was between 6 ppl. Think mom was using it to distract me from the cat though....

Then when we got back saw the cat at the steps. Then the neighbours came over and apparently the dad had an asthma attack while playing with the cat. So looks like they cant keep the cat after all. Yay me!! yes i know its evil but i assure you the guy is fine now, the doc just told him to stay away form the cat.

Just when i thought my life was boring...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


damn it sia...bloody kimchee, banglah and singh. just casue i talk to a girl they think im goin after her(but guess not as bad as mom,still remember when i first went out to meet paula, she gave me an hour long lecture, then after that at my aunt's place she was telling EVERYONE about it!!). haha but great that poker night is back, good time to tok-cok, basterd and bulshit each other!! just need to get my chips from aust so tt we dont have to bring a buch of coins aound. though the chips would be heavier....and cant pay for tim sum with chips. que sera sera!!!


hehe finally got it to an acceptable standard!! BIG THANKS PAM for the formating help!!! im so happy!


YA TA!!! what?