Friday, October 2, 2009

Im Sorry

I know its not fair. We all talked about not doing it again, but the cycle keeps repeating itself. And i know saying im sorry wont change much, or help much. Just know that i tried not to repeat the sins of our fathers, and this is not the future we wanted for you. we love you, im sure you know that. we would like nothing more than for things to be like they were forever.

But...times do change, we know this sucks and its tearing us apart, but the facts cannot be denied, no matter how we try, everything is different now. we have done all we can. but we know it was too late. its our fault and we accept it if you blame us.

I would tell you not to repeat our mistakes, to be more proactive, to see the changes as they happen and correct the problems when they start. Talk, talk alot. we never did. that was one of our biggest mistakes. But dont only talk, also listen to one another.

We all must grow up sometime...