Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 weeks down

im back in civilisation!! yay! survived my first 2 weeks, i think. the past 2 weeks are a blur of shouting, being yelled at, running, cold showers and tryin not to sleep during lectures.

on the bus back to pasir ris from the ferry terminal the whole platoon was singing army songs n more or less in a super happy mood casue we all booked out. played sudoku(which i cut out from the today newspapers we occasionally get on tekong) all the way on the train to toa payoh. n then was really tired on the bus ride home but was too excited to sleep. it was a really weird feeling casue i have been on a bus though toa payoh hundreds of times but never was this happy bout it.

got home n found out that uncle john n aunty jan were coming for dinner so told the guys would be a lil late in meeting them to hang out. and was so sick of rice(casue we get it at every meal) that i only ate 3 tuna cutlets, haha, that and im a lil sick so no apatite. met the guys at the 24hr coffe shop n then went to s11 where i picked at the common fried dumplings and went between stoning and listening to what they had been doin the past 2 weeks.

n then rushed off to meet ed, cheryl and leo for transformers(great movie btw, really cool cgi) and after that i really feel like playing need for speed or mech warriors(but my joystick is still with tim so guess have to settle for need for speed)

and yes i have a couple of writings from camp, will put them up later on when i feel like sitting down and typing more haha.

SIDE NOTE: kena sabo by my bunk to write the weekly reflections book casue im the only blogger there. ended up writing like 5-6 paragraphs and wanted to do another 2 or 3 but darwin asked me if it would all fit on one page so had to cut out some parts.

Friday, June 15, 2007

bye bye, wish me luck

ok after i saw this i just wanted to move in haha, its one heck of a spice rack, plus they have a lime tree, basil plant, pandan, curry tree.

pam cutting chicken

and more chicken while complainin to me that i have to delete it if its not a nice pic
my chapalang chicken

and rice with sesame oil and soya sauce
the finished main dishes, haha
ed & cheryl fighting over who gets to lick the bowlcheryl won, haha
the soilder, who kena sabo by the hair stylists.

love you, miss you

haha, ok my last blog entry b4 i go off. had a great time at pam's place with cheryl & ed.

had lunch with pam at serrangoon central(and found an alternate route to jo's place, but lil late since no chance to use it, haha) and had duck rice, we both couldnt remember the last time we had duck rice. and i met pam's dad, hes a really nice guy, and he knows my dad n uncle from sia haha(small world) and when he saw me hea said 'ur uncle and father so white. why u so dark?' haha, all i could do was laugh.

and met diamond. shes so cute loh. haha. n was happy that i got to cook for them(pam, cheryl & ed) but then pam's dad n bro felt lazy to cook so ended cooking for her whole fam too n she was continually worried if there was enough food, while i was worried bout screwing up. haha but glad her dad aproved of the food(since it was my chapalang stir-fry chicken, which i dont make very often casue its supposed to be chapalang/hantam bola food. haha. but it usually turns out ok)

n then spent a good while just talking gossip and nonsence till pam had to go for her movie. so the 3 of us went back to my place to make brownies and apple crumble and prank call ppl. haha
n while waiting for the stuff to bake we thought we would cut my hair. and spent the next 5 min or so gettin stabbed in the head with sissors. and cheryl cut my a bald patch in front n when we started to realise that it was gettin pretty screwed(since they were randomly snipping and at one point i think were fencing with the sissors while still tryin to cut my hair) i thought id get dad to help sort it out

and now its passable as a really bad hair cut. but a lot better that what those 2 did. haha. NOTICE TO ALL ENLISTEES: DONT LET CHERYL MAH OR EDWARD GUNALAN CUT YOUR HAIR. as for pam yeo that is left to be seen, haha. her idea some more.

then after clearing up i went over to pam's to pass her, her share of brownies. and showed her the vid of my 'torture'. and i FINALY got to sit in the hyundai cab! haha(cheap thrills)

some pics in the next post and thats it from me till 07/07/07, haha, should be my first book-out.

SIDE NOTE: thanks guys for such a fun last day.
SIDE NOTE: thanks to everyone who messaged/called/msned me. will be thinkin of ya'll while goin through bmt

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a comedy of fools

i slept at 4 and got up at 10(casue i couldnt get back to sleep) haha, dont know how im gonna adjust to army's routine(butt will be welcome to have bedtime again, haha) but was just as well casue pam(yeo) was leavin to go to j8's macs for lunch before her exam so she asked me to go down to be ignored(isnt she nice? haha) n then she decided to be nice n called cheryl down to join me in being ignored(which was ok since she was gonna be around j8 at 1130 anyway and i was meetin nic and ec for soccer at bishan park)

pam and cheryl. they are there, your jsut not lookin hard enough
bitch(long story, the 2 of them will understand)

haha, damn running out of time to blog....only 2 more posts left haha. nic ur gonna have to look for entertainment some where else haha.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pictures, again, again

the menu(just casue i thought it was cool)
kim 'helping' us order
nic saw the prices in the menu, haha(kidding)
ah, the main attraction! food! haha. left is the balls on fire; chicken meat balls wiht honey mustard sauce. and right is the cheese sticks with a tomato salsa-ish sauce
the seafood aglio(we forced mel to eat one of the chillis, and he drank 2 glasses of water b4 i told him to stop n just start eating the pizza to get rid of the chilli taste)
the pepperoni pizza

the other pizza(haha, i really forgot the name, just know that kim made it, so she can take over as the eXcess chef while im gone haha!)mel playing with his food

and just some random shots from fellowship

haha, cya'll in like 3 months!

and the spikes go up for the last time

today was the last day i shall spike my hair. haha, lil bit of a sad experience.

woke up at 10ish(as usual) and found out that nic, mel n timmy were goin to sketches in bugis cause kim works there. so hurridly showered n went off to meet them. and the whole time i was at bugis was half expecting to bump into jess(yes i miss her alot, and this ns thing isnt helping, haha)

food was great, we all were not sure what to get so we got the "chef's recomendation"(i.e got kim to order for us, haha) which turned out to be a realyl good idea casue the food was great, we had "balls of fire",cheese sticks, prawn aglio, pepperoni and think it was japanese pizza. (2 for taste, 1 and a half for presentation, 1 for price, 1 and a half for atmosphere and 1 for service. Total:7)

then after lunch went to watch Men In White. which again i liked but no one else did(i need new movie kaki! one side keeps on bailing on me and the other never enjoys the movies we watch) my rating: 3/5 funny, entertaining, forgetable.

*brb, make tea*

then went on a bus ride originally to amk, but ended up goin to thompson and then changing to bishan to meet ben n eddy for dinner. and as we passed KK nic didnt notice casue he could only see green(the color of the bus air-con vent) so i started singin a bad rendition of 'Wonderfull world' and stopped at the 2nd line.

then was standin in line at macs and nic n kim were in the line next to me n was my turn so we all just ordered together, n nic origianlly couldnt make up his mind and in the end we all jsut got the tepenyaki burger. and kim made a comment bout the shaker fries and hair loss(and me being a little wols took a sec to register the msg connection, and yes i know i pretty much just shot myself in the foot, but everyones lauhging rite?)

my last h2o was interestin to say the least, was the second part of a 2-part teachin thing. and i got scolding from miss lee for not bringing a note book(last day mah, so must be rebel, haha) and fellowship was fun, brough my cam to play around n get some grp pics. even scored one of nat and ec, haha!

then had my final lepak session with nic, eddy n chris. and as usual they talked at lenght bout ppl i dont know. haha. and today was probably the last time i will walk home from bishan, haha. damn friday is coming too fast. will miss alot of ppl

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

freaky stuff

You Are the Ace of Clubs

You go at everything in your life full force. You are a natural gambler.

Your life definitely has some extreme highs and lows, but you know how to ride out the low times.

A total adventure seeker, you are never satisfied by what's normal or ordinary.

You like to push limits and shock people. You're dramatic, but a drama queen.

Your life has been a wild ride so far. You have stories that people can barely believe.

And you're probably still young... with a lot of wild rides in front of you.

A gamble you should take: High stakes roulette

Your friends would describe you as: Crazy

Your enemies would describe you as: Demented

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: A high roller

was playing around with a deck of cards just for fun and i realised that each time i seperated it i could always pick out which stack had the ace of clubs in it. i have done this a total of 7 times so far. its seriously freaky cool! haha!

Monday, June 11, 2007


i dedicate this to julia

You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep

You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep.
Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy.
Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed.

take care of yourself ok. haha.

my front teeth irritate me

now on to sunday; got up bright and early to help out for youth canteen. my alarm went off at 515 and i spent the next hour just hittin the snooze button and dragged my self out of bed cause i said id be there at 630. ended up reaching at 645 and there wasnt much to do, not that there were many ppl there and they were all efficiently doin stuff, just nothing much to do, haha. n went into the kitchen and asked rachel if i could do anything n she said we could fry chicken wings later(felt a touch of deja vu) and there was the MelEddy hot drinks. which was mel and ed and they refused to make tea tarik(and some prata house jokes were thrown cause they were black)

but in the end just stuck with the rest of eXcess and alternated with julia ladeling the gravy for the mee siam(was a little scared casue the first bowl we did she said i almost burnt her finger, and if i acctually did she would probably have killed me. lucky i didnt haha) and somehow every canteen eXcess ends up doin the mee siam. but all the mee siam was sold by 940 so we all could go for 945 mass and then took a break at the coffee shop after some light publicity for Overtime. and it felt really weird casue we usually go for 1130 mass and it was only 11 but felt like 1.

and stayed back after the rest of publicity to help clean up the canteen(plus i didnt want to go shopping with eXcess since im gonna go through some size changes in the next few months) and spent quite a bit of the time washing cups and a a pot or 2. then was gonna go grab a bite with rachel was waiting around for ed casue we were bored n wanted to do something, but it was like 150 and rachel had a meeting at 2 so jsut stuck round with ed n helped clear the jumble sale area.

then went the lan shop near jubilee for dota and half life. was 2 hours of mindless violence and one of which i barely knew what was goin on(the half life hour, just casue cs is boring, haha!) and then we were hungry so i managed to eat my last carrot cake b4 goin in!

and finally got to go swimming, was expecting just nic, chris, eddy and tim but in the end ec, timmy, peter, terence, mel, jo and julia came too. and it was pretty cool, played chicken and touch rugby then other random games, even had a joust with mel on me against timmy n nic. and then swam a lap and as i finihsed i rammed into the wall with my fron teeth so now they are are slightly chipped at the bottom and its incredebly annoying. then went for prata(sorry felicia) near by tim's place.

and kutch is back! but a lil freaked out at the change so everyone forgive me if im not as keen to randomly stay out all night anymore.

all will be provided

WARNING: may contain spiritual message(may only)

ok will start with saturday; after i got to eddy's place in the mornin(like 1 or 2 am) i just watched the guys play their leauge and since i brought my classical to lend ec while im at bmt i showed nic how to play smoke on the water and gave timmy a crash course with Kelly Clarkson's Behind These Hazel Eyes(the song that got me to commit to learning the guitar; thanks becky!) so now nic is keen on learning the guitar too.

other than that just sat around waiting for mel to vacate the bed in that room so i could crash(was really tired, and think my late nights have taken their toll, the back of my hands were pale, like yellow) n slept for a good enough 6 hrs(give or take) then woke up at 10 in time for our planned breakfast, but the rest only were ready to leave at 11 so we missed mac's hotcakes. but lucky when we got there they still had 2 left(but no hashbrowns) so mel took one and i got the other(thanks nic) n then had shaker fries indian style(since nic didnt upsize it for me it came with a small fries n i didnt want to use the bag thing casue quite leh chey, so just poured out the fries n mixed it with my fingers)

*im running out of tea so this may or may not get to sunday, probably not*

then after that i went off to get the posters and post cards done up for sunday's publicity drive for Overtime(speaking of, every catholic youth that reads this please come down on the 23rd of June for Overtime, its in the attic of the Church of Christ the King at 230pm till about 6pm. there will be ice breakers, praise and worship, teaching and fellowship after. so please do come down. there will be a registration on the 17th of June in church) and walked all over AMK(from the HUB to courts) before i found a printing place that would do coloured posters and the people there were really nice about it. (there was some complication with printing A3 size posters casue they were not sure how to change the paper size on the printer program on the com so they asked me to fiddle with it and were quite happy when i figured it out) and it was cheaper than the place jo had printed the last posters from.

then i went back to bishan to the photo development place where i inteded to get the postcards made at, but the woman wasnt very nice about it and was very reluctant to do it. all in all VERY unhelpful. so i was a little disheartered and went back to eddy's to drop off the posters and just happend to be when the worship team were doin their last practice for the day which was more or less a worship session, so i could 'sit' in with them during it and the first song was Holy Is The Lord and the line 'we stand and lift up our hands, for the joy of the lord is our strenght' casue i had been running around for the past 3hrs, almost non-stop and i was really stoned in the morning, but was pretty alert the whole day despite running on consecutive nights with lack of sleep.

and after that talked over the options with jo and ben and decided we would just go back to the printing shop i had done the posters at and try our luck(casue origianaly they said they dont do postcards) and in the end they gave us exactly what we wanted in the begining. and they were really good quality and plus they didnt charge us for the extra work they had to do and on top of that they gave us like 4 extras casue we wanted 100 cards but they had to be printed in sets of 8, so we got 4 cards free. and on top of that they even cut it nicely and professionally for us.

and our original idea was to just print it on paper n paste it to vanguard but the printing shop had thicker paper n we just printed it staight on. and the lady said since they used toner it gives a nicer finish and doesnt smuge even when wet(which was proven when amanda wet one of them, not sure how though) and it was all done for about $5 more than i originaly thought it would cost, but turned out to be worth it. what makes it that much more amazing is that we were the last customers. like as we were paying for the cards they were closing shop and their business card said the closed at 5 and it was like 510 or so. and they were very sweet, casue when it came out the 2 designs were right next to each other and the lady was sayin that it may not be perfect and we may lose some of the info so she suggested cutting with a border around the black design to be safe and it turned out to look really nice.

then me n ben stopped by prime mart to pick up some Ramlee burgers for everyone back at eddy's n i had to rush off soon after to be at 47 for the farewell dinner, which i managed to drag felicia along to, and she got a bit of a shock that eventough we were 'late'(dinner was at 7 we got there at like 8ish) there was still food coming out and being served. n got to eat quite a bit of love cake, plus it was fairly mushy, just the way i like it! haha. n everyone was goin on about my hair and how its the last time in a long while it will be spiked up.

all in all a good day. and now my pot of tea is empty and so i sleep!

Inborn Characteristics: the blue prints of our destiny and the answer to the ever reacurent quetion of 'why did you do that?'

pictures, again

chris, marie and pam buying the dim sum
adam & nic(didnt really go on a snapping spree, no mood, haha!)
the dim sum; ha kau, su mai and chicken feet
ok from the bottom left; my phad tai, then the calamari rings, rojak, the thingy pam & marie got with the bee hoon, the dim sum and nic & adam in the back with their chicken rice.
pam & marie's office
why you never ask for tomato sauce from KFCthats all you will get, and it wasnt just one packet that was like that, it was all of them!

hardest thing bout bloggin now is that im tired and not thinking straight and cant remember what day it is and what i havent blogged about yet! haha

here fishy fishy fishy

You Would Be a Pet Fish

Relaxed and laid back, you prefer to sit back and observe what's going on around you.
You are secretly very wise and intelligent, but few people take the time to learn about you.
You don't mind if the world doesn't understand you. You're having enough fun trying to understand the world.

Why you would make a great pet: You're peaceful and nice to be around, but not very demanding

Why you would make a bad pet: Let's face it... the only person you're truly interesting to is yourself

What you would love about being a fish: Swimming around aimlessly without a care in the world

What you would hate about being a fish: Being used as bait or food for bigger fish

yes! and all my fish brothers and sisters of the longkangs shall rise up! and the Mandai knights will desend opon the indian menace!

haha, sorry, just got back from swimming, think the clorine is affecting me....brb, will shower n blog proper! haha!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

eat, drink and be merry!

went for lunch with pam(khong),marie,chris,nic and adam.

though was cranky due to hunger i managed to tahan though waiting for adam(who we think got lost on the train from novena) and waiting for chris and nic to finish their puffs(was close to grabbing the cigs out of their hands n throwing it away, just so we could go eat) went to food republic at whisma. and as the guy who has been away for 2yrs was my first time there. so we had to walk all over till we finally got a place at the dim sum restaurant, so we had to get dim sum to sit there(since there were no other 6 seater places n we were too hungry) so pam n marie went to get some su mai and ha kau(and i dont care if i spelt it wrong! i know what it is and thats good enough! haha) then when pam brought the tray back she put the su mai in between nic and adam(hes muslim) and i laughed saying 'ya, sure put it there'(sorry pam, you have permission to hit me for it, but its just another funny blond moment)

and the 3 'wise men' (the singh, indian and arab; sorry guys just came up with that analogy haha!) wen to order boring chicken rice(sorry not in a 'local' mood today) and the girls got some think was bee hoon and that platter of chinese stuff(like taiwan saussage n stuff) n i went n grabbed as mich as i was craving, muahaha. got some rojak which me, chris n the girls shared, calamari rings, which we once again shared. and phad tai. been so long since i had it, and it didnt taste the same as the one at Han's in perth but was just as good. rating; 2 for taste, 1 for price, half for presentation, 1 for service, 1 for atmosphere. total:5 and a half)

then went to pam and marie's work place to slack for a while, since nothing better to do. haha. mostly just listened to music n nic and marie had a LOL i.pop conversation on msn while they were across the table(dont ask me i still dont get it, and neither does nic so its ok) and marie changed her private message to 'iPOP NICHOLAS CHARLES'. i dont think im laughing at it for the same reason she is. haha!!

then went to crash the house of chia in bishan. and the door man was stunned to see me nic n chris. and slammed the door on us 3 times. haha! then went fo dinner with ben n them at KFC and just a friendly warning: DONT GET TOMATO SAUCE FORM KFC! THERE IS ALMOST NOTHING IN THAT PACKET!

and if your wondering why this seems so rushed is casue im off to eddy's place again to play winning 11 and the drinks are getting warm down stairs.

SIDE NOTE: er, in a hurry, all picture will be in the next post.haha, sorry!
SIDE NOTE: pam(khong), PAVLOVA!!!
SIDE NOTE: pam(yeo) its ok, im still here, you dont have to make up conversations with me yet. haha, n think i might start calling you sis-in-law, haha you know why! hahaha!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

go figure!

Your Birthdate: July 13

You don't love lightly. For you, love is always a serious undertaking.
However, you are able to love many types of people. You can bring out the best in almost anyone.
Love surprises you often. You never know when or where you'll find it next.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 1

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of the month.

irony: my best firends are born on the 4th n 13th of their month.


You Are 10% Extrovert, 90% Introvert

You avoid people at all costs
You aren't one for social interaction
And you limit your interaction to a select few
Thank God for self checkout!

didnt expect it to be that bad. damn.

yes mom....

im not sure who is more worried bout me going in to army. me or my mom. the other day(tuesday) as i walk down the stirs at 11am(just woke up mind you) she asks me if i wanted to go to tompson to get all the stuff for my bmt, so stoned me says yes to it.

then as we were about to leave mom asks me if there is anyplace around topmson id like to eat, since my dad wouldnt be in town for then next week or so. and i couldnt think of anywhere so n my dad looked a little worried abot this, but mom was reasuring to him saying 'oh, he will probably just say swensens or some japanese restaurant' then i remembered seeing some nice jap restaurant next to Ritz Apple strudel. then when we got to tompson plaza my mom looked at me and:

Mom: ok so where is this place
Me: oh its next to that ritz apple strudel thing
Mom: where is that?
Me: (points in the general direction)
Mom: oh, outside? dear he means that place near the bank, where there is no parking.
Dad: ok lets walk there (quite happily)
Mom: no i ment inside tompson plaza (give that i dont want to go outside look, was really funny)
Mom: there are so many places to eat here (points at delifrance)
Me: ok we'll jsut walk around and see

in the end we went to edo sushi. mom had the tempura, dad had grilled fish and i had the unagi. and casue mom didnt want the tempuraed vegetables(sweet potato, capcicum and brinjal) she traded with dad for some fish. and got quite defensive when he reached for the prawn. n dad was askin if we had been there a few days before. n took him a while to remember they ahd served sushi as a snack at one of his CRM lectures a few days back. n we also grabbed(well i grabbed) some sushi: one salmon, one of the rolls with crab stick and cucumber coverd in roe, the rolled egg omlet, some white thing that jsut looked interesting and tasted fishy(later explained by my dad to be squid) and the rice in beancurd skin(rating: 2 for taste, 1 for atmosphere, 1 for price, 1 for presentation and 1 and a half for service. Total: 6 and a half)

and now im listening to elvis' cant help falling in love....mmmmm soooooo gooood.....=)

and no i still havent watched pirates the second time and if your wondering why i like the movie so much when no one else seems to....well lets say if i asked everyone that knew me that question, only my mom would get it right. becky n steve have a fair chance too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

till my fingers bleed

yes jerry, its another long post, and yes becky, more photos, haha. think its your fault im so into photography, haha, thank you!

i got back at 530am this morning. haha, went to lepak with excess, started off with eddy asking me if i wanted to after h2o(so naturally assumed would be me eddy, nic n chris. n was a lil worried concidering what happend he last time we went to lepak). but in the end chris had to go off cause he had a test the next day. so just carried on with our usually fellowship at the coffeshop. but this week's conversation was a lil that usually. with talks bout poodles and 'hygiene'(and the general subject continued on later in the night, but will not say any further) so as we were leaving kim asks if we wanted to go to serangoon gardens so just went(9 more days damn it!)

and when we got there there was SUCH a wide selection of places to eat at. i mean WOW. there was the closing coffee shop. the prata place and 7/11. haha. so we grabbed some stuff from 7/11 and went to look for a park/playground to jsut relax. and we found a damn nice one but the lights were off n stuff so we thought it would be really dark(hi ed, hi nic) but wasnt that bad, was acctually lit quite well(hope was casue ofthe moon, haha) n we played truth or truth. which is really fun when you already know some secrets bout the ppl your playing with(and just to make you all paranoid; you dont know that i know some stuff about you, muahahaha)

then when all of us(except jo) were lying down n about to fall asleep and making fun of timmy (bout stuff that shall not leave the circle) we randomly decided to join kim n mel on the jungle gym thingy and then after a while of me, nic n eddy being in the pumping position at the top a couple of us climed down, n some how i ended up in a cage match(for reference i DONT watch wresling) against eddy, ec and timmy. i wont go into details casue it get cheap at the end, with a little twist of karma. hahaha!(i know im not making sence but its a pretty long story n some ppl might not want to hear the details) just know i had a really good work out n think lost a kg or 2 on the spot.

n i just spent the last 2hours playing James Morrison's This Boy on the guitar n my fingertips have gone numb(and if i was using an acoustic then my guitar strings would be coverd in blood by now) and i got the stumming down! haha!!

Gonna watch pirates again in a bit. well not like i have anything ELSE to do.

Will Turner: This is either madness or brilliance
Jack Sparrow: Funny how often those two strengths coincide
- Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Culter Beckett: Your Mad
Jack Sparrow: Good thing i was cause if i wasnt this would probably never work
- Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End

haha, didnt like the second one as much, haha. but you get the point!

our little picnic in the park
the 'cage'

Avast me hearties! Take what you can and give nothing back!

dear mom

ok another funny conversation between me and mom. backstory; mom is making dinner and had gone up for a while to put away some clothes and as she walks down the stairs:

Mom: much is the ben & jerry's ice cream?
Me: er, think was 18 something for 2 tubs. why?
Mom: well thought we shall have some ice cream for dessert. how about that?
Me: you havent looked in the freezer yet have you?
Mom: well i took out the satay and the lamb. why?

*took her to the kitchen and opened the freezer*

Mom: what am i looking for?
Me: top shelf, center area.
Mom: oh! you bought ice cream. when did you buy this? yesterday?
Me: *just nods*
Mom: very well than, you can serve it for dessert

evidence 101. this is a picture of my freezer. the tub is in the EXACT same location(just removed the ribbon and card)

It's okay, we still love you.

Monday, June 4, 2007


CMPB(Central Manpower Base) was kind enough to send me an sms to remind me about my elistment. i was so touched but it. it really showed how much they cared about me. they even called me by my IC number. no one does that. i feel so special now....

and yes, mom still hasn't opend the freezer so she hasnt seen the ice cream yet.

la di da


haha, not mine lah. i wish. haha. my parrent's 35th anniversary was today and me being the good son i am(and the only child in singapore at the moment) did nothing. cause i was only reminded yesterday before i went out for the cruise adventure.

and so felt lil bad bout it n thought id make dinner for them(the whole thing, soup, starters, mains and dessert. please note that i will only do something that extravagant on special occasions and only for certain ppl and only a small group of them) but my godma beat me to the punch so in the end i scrapped the dinner plan and thought id do something super creative with bread, but realsied i wouldnt have enough time.

so rushed down to toa payoh(was at bishan btw) and picked up a tub of hagen daz macadamia ice cream(casue my dad love macadamias n ice cream and my mom just like ice cream, haha) and spent the bus ride back thinkin of something to put on a card for it and came up with this:

Happy 35th Anniversary!
I was going to make something unique and extravagant but realised there wasn't enough time. And though it may not compare to all the love and energy you have put in for all four of us, this is a small token for everything you have done for us these past 34 years.


and i tied a ribbon around the tub with the note sticking out. and so far they still havent seen it. haha. wonder how long it will stay in the freezer b4 they take notice of it. and i dont know why i added my sibs into it. it was kind of a spur of the moment thing.

Pokka teas taste better than Snapple juices

SIDE NOTE: pam(yeo), ed and cheryl if we end up at my place for dinner on the 14th i might do the extravagant thing....might
SIDE NOTE: pam(khong) im terribly sorry bout dinner the other night. promise will make it up to you, just tell me when you have the time ok.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

my gift is my curse

was supposed to go watch shrek today, then some ppl made new plans, but at least they asked me along.

went on a river cruise. haha, my first ever(as i can reacall). at first my over whelming fear of drowning(i love water, its drowning thats the prob) kicked in n was a bit unsure to go or not but in the end my 'screw it! your going army in under 2 weeks' thought cycle kicked in n ended up goin. and had quite a bit of fun with cheryl, ed, leo, esper and mabel

only prob was that the view in the front of the boat was blocked by curtains with flowers on them(cheryl knows what i mean, would say ed too but who knows when his next post is gonna come up) and as we were pulling into the esplanade(we went from clark quay to esplanade btw) they were finihing up the display at the ndp platform, and they had blank fireworks sooting so we qucikly tried to get off a pirates spoof(casue the blanks sounded like cannon fire and the whole 'we are on a boat thing') then we stuck around for a while n saw the commando contingent assemble out side with the naval and think police to turn in their rifles and ed was explaining stuff to the girls while i was just watchin n think 'that could be me. shit.'

and after that went to han's at marine parade(the one in perth nicer, and no becky not just casue uncle al n aunty margie own one). had more pasta(yes of my own free will) cabonara chipolata. was pretty good(haha, rating time; 1 for atmosphere, half for service, 1 for presentation, 2 for taste and 1 for price.TOTAL:5.5)

The story never changes, just the names and faces.

Friday, June 1, 2007

its all fun and games till someone loses an eye

dad just got new shelves today, apparently now IKEA has an assembly service. its like 5% of the deliver cost or something like that. and its not bad, the gusy acctually know waht they are doing. took them like 15 to 20 min to put together 3 bookcase things. n they are really efficent at it. plus they had a cool cordless drill, haha.

and my bed kinda broke, a while back but my parrents didnt notice till now(shows how often they come into my room) my matress is on 2 square panels and they are supported by 3 peices of wood(they are like long square things so not exactly planks) and one of them fell out of place(screws and all) and so i just put it back on its side and wedged it in place, and it has worked till recently when i got into bed and it fell again and couldnt be bothered by it and it was kinda ok with me(casue it was pretty cool that my bed was slanted to one side) but the car serviceing company called and told my dad the car was ready n since the IKEA guys were assembling the stuff in the hall my dad had to use my phone and that when he realised bout my bed.

but guess hes happy, get to live out his handy man dream. i opened the bed and he went 'ok we will take out the screws and re drill hole there, and put in a bracket to support it. ok we'll go buy that' and then he ran off to thopmson as a soon as he could

oh shit.14 days left.