Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just got another anonymous call. thought it was ed tryin to pull another prank on me. ended up being funnier:

Caller: Good Morning Sir
Me: Hi
Caller: Good Morning Sir
Me: Hello
Caller: Good Morning Sir
Me: Hi Ed
Caller: can you hear me?
Me(almost shout): yes
Caller: ah, yes sir my name is chris calling from uob, currently do you have any credit cards with our bank?
Me: no
Caller: ok sir is your annual income over 30,000 a year
Me: no(seriously, ns pay will be only 400 a month, but better than 350, haha in your face ord ppl!!)
Caller:oh ok, er, have a nice day.

Yes it maybe a sad life, but its mine

Monday, May 28, 2007

guess what? more pasta!!

haha yes, my dear cousin came over on saturday to bake brownies and i got to eat her 'famous' pasta(red sauce). was really good, had mushrooms n beef balls. and tmr i get to have more pasta yet again(red sauce) courtesy of nic! haha, after hearing bout his pasta sauce dont know how many months ago i finaly get to try it. and chris wants to make lasenge, which kinda scares me, alot. nut YES after so bloody long i finaly get to do my great stormboli! muhaha, only a fortunate few have been privaledged to try it. eXcess, u should feel honoured!

*my Windows live messenger dont like me! doesnt want to work!!*

went to secret recipe at bishan on sunday. then the guys didnt find anything interesting on the menu(i was happy with the chiken cordon bleu) so we left(yes after being seated) then went over to swensens but the line was too long, so we went to the swensens at thompson. and despite my usual depiction of their quality of food going down the meal was good. though i still think its not that high on the list(1 for presentation, quater for service, 1 for taste, half for price and half for atmosphere. Total: 3.25)

17 days left

Captain Dawson

ok, i know that this will probably haunt me for the next few weeks, but hey! i wont be around for the next few months! haha

these events happened beween 1823 and 1830 hours on the 27th of May 2007, Sunday.
ok story goes: im sitting at my computer talking to some people on msn and then my phone rings and its a private number and this ang mo sounding guy starts talking:(all bracketed remarks are what was goin on in my head)
Captain Dawson: Hello, my name is Captain Dawson and im calling from MINDEF for Mr. Norfor.
Me:(oh shit!) yes?
Dawson: Yes, Mr. Norfor im calling from the intelligence devision and we would like you to come down for an interview this Saturday. it will be a short phyco analysis test involving some ink blots and that sort of thing.
Me:(wow! intel, shit this is cool!) erm, ya ok, er can i jsut get the details?
Dawson: yes ok, please report at 11am to MINDEF HQ at Depo Road. Do you know where that is?
Me: er, is it near CMPB?
Dawson: oh, im sorry i ment the one at Bukit Gombak. im not sure about the bus services but you could do some research(oh, must be a test of some kind, to make sure i know how to gather infomation) or you could cab down.
Dawson: yes so just go to the main gate and tell them you are there to see me. bring along your identity card and a pen.
Dawson: and could you give my PA a call to confirm the meeting. his number is 9380 6417
Me: ok, thank you very much
Dawson: yes ok, so i look forward to seeing you at 1030 on saturday.

*end of part one*

so after that im a mix between freaked and excited. so i start telling daphne about it n im really sorta happy then suddenly like 30 seconds later my phone rings again and its another private number:
Dawson: hello. its Captain Dawson again.
Me: ah, yes?
Dawson: yes. Mr.Norfor why haven't you called my PA yet?
Me:(what the hell?!?!) sorry, i was just about to call him.
Dawson: Mr. Norfor this is the intelligence department, you cant delay when relaying information!
Me:(oh crap! ohhhh crap!!!) sorry, but you just told me to call him
Dawson: hey man, do you know who this is?
Me: OH YOU *****************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: hi edward(gunalan)

*sigh* ya ya, everyone just laugh lah. go on go on, just keep laughing. laugh some more.

Friday, May 25, 2007

go with the flow, its all good

*sigh* felt really down when i heard singing lessons were canceled and that all the guys didnt want to do anything(damn u all, complain i dont spend enough time with ya'll n then when i want to all busy!)

so was just lazying around and seaching for song titles(like the song the used in the opening of supernatural season 2 ep 22, Carry on my wayward son by kansas) and stumbled on a fan site (, pretty cool check it out if your into the series)

and once again my dear cousin n me make spur of the moment dinner plans based on her craving for hawker food. i had won ton mee and she had clay pot rice n we also got some chicken wings, rojak and chee kway. and the sugar cane juice was really good too!(tp lorong 5)

and then after dinner we were playin with her new phone(Motorola RAZR V3) n then we were tryin to figure out how to play around with the effects with the cam casue she managed to do it yesterday but couldnt remeber how today. then your truly(the veteran motorola user) takes the phone to see what can be done and im lookin in to the screen(its on camera mode) and wondering why it looks funny and i try moving it around a bit here and there and i still dont see whats wrong. then i happen to move my finger and i realise what was the prob.

SIDE NOTE: im INCREDEBLY bad with chinese names, so had to ask my mom about chee kway and apparently she heard me describe it at pink in color. haha think im subconciously missing my pink fonts.

"Carry on my wayward son
there will be peace when your done
lay your weary head to rest
dont you cry no more" - Carry on my wayward son by Kansas

Thursday, May 24, 2007

argh!! more pasta!!!

after our little lunch escapade went home n slacked and rewatched Heroes ep 23, twice(yes was that bored) then my beloved cuz msned me at 8 saying she was gettin off work n if i was hungry n we ended up making another one of our spur of the moment outings. went for dinner at pastamania(and since i had white sauce in the after noon decided to have red in the evening, and was about the same quality as the one pam had in the afternoon, just that there was no cheese in sight)

n then we slacked at macs for a bit b4 i started beein bugged by nic casue was with them(eddy, nic n jo) to watch the match at mel's place. and the 4 of us cabbed there, n ususally to get there we tell the driver Quality Hotel(casue he lives around there) and i swear its ME. everytime im there the driver will drive into the hotel. the first time we went there were 5 of us so we had to split, the first cab stopped after quality hotel(not mine) the second went into the drive way(my cab). then every other time, no matter who is in the cab with me, as long as im there the guy will drive in.

mel met us at the bus stop then we went to get food(jo and nic wanted prata and eddy wanted pao, i was obviously still full form the pasta) so i followed nic n jo and mel went with eddy. then went to mel's place n after we sat down jo had to make a call so she told nic to eat first. and when nic opened the packet he was horrified to find really bad lookin nasi goreng in place of his prata!! so nic n eddy went to go change it, and apparently they were really sorry and really nice about it, to nic. they didnt even look at eddy, haha!

after that little mix up we went to play settelers while eddy did his work. and jo was a lil agressive about it haha, but found it really fun. n then i was a little more organised on the second round we played, but we stopepd half way casue the amtch was starting. and our gracious host Mr Melvin Wong fell asleep 5 minutes after we started watching. and we woke him up for the first goal, but couldnt be bothered after that.

Mussles something or rather, haha, really cant remember the name of it!!!
the meat ball pasta from pastamania

"If I traded it all
If I gave it all away for one thing
Just for one thing
If I sorted it out
If I knew all about this one thing
Wouldn’t that be something" - One Thing by Finger Eleven

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

more pics

haha, sorry pam, forgot about them:
the pic thats suppsoed to go up in my locker of my "girlfriend", haha!!
and the only CLEAR picture of the 3 of us(took about 5 or 6 group shots before we got a clear one, haha)

clearing out my cravings

Ok seriously between pam, cheryl and ed I think im ready for army. Pam and cheryl drag me over hills, then ed and cheryl paint me green n now they are gonna cut my hair!! Thanks lots guys! Haha

Today was good, went for lunch with pam n ed, and pam told me to bring a long my cam so we could take some pics. And ed kept goin on bout how I should put up a picture of a chio girl in my locker, so pam volunteered. Then we kept the joke goin and it eventually got to him saying I should take pictures with as many girls as I can then put together a schedule with one girl getting one night of the week, and he went on bout how my bunkmates would be worshiping me.

And I finally got to have my creamy pasta!!!(haha, thanks to pam i got rid of my 2 most prominent cravings now: brownies and creamy pasta! thanks lots!!!) And it was really really good, a lot of garlic but I kinda liked that.

Haha, back in aust when you get off the bus you usually thank the driver(just out of courtesy) and so recently I started doin that here, haha, kinda fun.

the brownies in question
an overjoyed girl
clock wise from bottom left: creamy mushroom, meatball and pepper chicken aglio. its there, just look harder!
pam trying to get the 3 of us
and agained's turn

Disclaimer: the events dipicted in the following photographs are fictional. Any resemblance to anything or anyone, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

"whats goin on here??""nothing"
*GASP*!!!!"were sorry"weekdayweekend

SIDE NOTE: photo bloggin is semi-fun, uploading the pics is irritating, but the captions are fun. haha!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

a taste of things to come

ok just to get you up to speed, mom and dad are sick(flu we think) and dad's in sydney(i think) now. and we are out of eggs.

as im walkin down the stairs(in jeans and a t-shirt, as usual) mom looks up from watchin oprah and:
Mom: goin out?
Me: nope(obviously)
Mom: oh ok
Me: why?
Mom: we are out of eggs, so i thought if you are goin out you can buy some.
Me: ok i'll go to toa payoh later
Mom: ok i have some cards i want to send. and i need more stamps

haha, and soon enough i had a full shopping list(eggs, bread, ginger, parsley and thanks to a certain someone macadamia nuts too, haha) n then i got some deoderant. and while i was there i ran into david. then when we were checking, out the bill came to 17.50 and mom had given me a $20 voucher to buy the groceries with. so in a panic i grabbed the closest thing i could find, which was energiser double A batts. and as we were walking out:
David: you didnt need the batteries did you?
Me: no. i dont even know what i would use them for, all my electronic stuff doesnt use batteries
David: ya
Me: oh! i can use it for my remotes

got back home n kept eveything nicely then went up to watch Tenjho Tenge and fell asleep, haha. then woke up with a slight headache(still do) and then went downstairs n mom seemed very lethargic so i cleard up the kitchen(which as many of you know is something i almost never do) and while cleaning i had a feeling of reverse deja vu(a feeling that a moment will repeat itself, haha, but if it does than its a good thing!)

What butter and whiskey will not cure there's no cure for - Irish Proverb


today someone called me to ask me to go down to church to help move stuff. and then messaged me to say i didnt have to. then called me again to ask me to go down. and then messaged me again to say its already being done. and oddly im not angry at that someone(even had a bit of a laugh at it) so anyway sat down all dressed-up and showered and just watched old eps of supernatural.

then my fav cuz(yes, felicia, you are my fav, be happy!) msned me saying she was bored as usual, so we spur of the moment made lunch plans and settled on pasta and i was cool with the random and suddeness of it casue i was already ready. in the end ended up at borders (casue we were goin to the pastamania at lido) and randomly thought to look for jerry just to see him, and if he was on break if he wanted to come with us. ends up he had the day off and never thought to ask us for a mah jong session(which we have been tryin to have for the past FEW months)

so we just went on our merry way after a quick glance though the cds at borders and as we get to the lido escalators she happens to see a poster for 'priceless' and she give that usual 'oooo, i want to watch' so spur of the moment we end up watchin it(and so i didnt get my pasta, but was worth it)(oh FYI: lido's large drink is HUGE!!! i almost cried with joy when i saw it!!!) as for the movie review i give priceless 4 out of 5(was funny, entertaining and had a cute storyline) and ended at like 5 and i had told chris(sorry again) that i'd go with him for mass, but in the end he was goin with his parrents, so i and felicia took a(very crowded) walk from lido to paragon then caught a(very crowded) bus to suntec(why is orchard so crowded on a sunday?!) and if your wondering why, we were still floating on randomness and were tryin to figure out what to do for dinner(2nd chance at my creamy pasta!) and the crowd accoss taka put the idea of vivo in mind, thus why we went to suntec. but then we felt like being nice n asked jerry if he wanted to go for dinner, and he said the furthest he would go was amk. so ended up goin from suntec to bishan to amk.

and once there we had one of the oddest miss communications i have had so far. we got there n i messeged jerry telling him we had just got off the train, and he told me he was on lvl 4 of the hub(which is EMPTY!) so we went over and went all the way up and when we noticed how deserted the place was we called jerry and the smartass said he was at the station! and then told us just to meet him outside fish & co and as we are going down, who do we notice outside fish & co? none other than our brilliant cousin.

haha, almost lost this whole post. i clicked 'return to list of posts', thank god for auto save!!

anyway were standing outside in line and felicia was goin on about stuff and then i started to notice my legs felt a lil shaky, so i just thought it was sometihng wrong with me, but then after a while felicia said she felt the thing was a lil shaky(yay! im not goin crazy!!!....yet....) and it reminded me of the mythbuster's episode 'break step bridge'.

anyway, was my first time to fish & co!(i know i had a deprived secondary school life; thanks chris!) and we ordered a seafood platter for 2, mussles in garlic sauce and new york fish & chips. my review: 1 for presentation, 2 for taste, 1 for ambiance, half for price and half for service total: 5/10. all in all was good, and i recomend it. the chips are really good and i advise ppl to order a bunch of stuff n share, or if u want to be greedy and keep the food to yourself try the new york fish n chips.

and we just talk bout stuff n jerry mentioned this ben & jerry's 'challenge'. its like this huge mountain of ice cream with toppings galore and brownies and such, like 88 bucks but u get 20 scoops, 4 brownies, 4 bananas, and like i said loads of toppings. so it was agreed that we would go and try to finish it as a 4-man team(jerry, felicia, justin and me) one of these days. and then felicia anounced that she had never had ben & jerry's before, so as our civic duty i and jerry brought her to the outlet in united square for her first ben & jerry's experience, and we made it just in time at like 945 or so and they were closing at 10, so yay!! my first fish & co and first time to a ben & jerry's in the same day!!

and if many of you are now craving ben & jerry's(im sure your not happy with me) i should have charged them for this advertising!! so we ended up just chatting till late n the staff wanted to go off so the just asked us to clear the table when we leave, and we ended up talking till 1120 ish about stuff(firefly, gilmore girls, supernatural, haha) and then i and felicia were reminded of a funny sitiuation we had the other time involving one of the professional photography stalls in united square and let jerry in on it and he had to stop half way down the escalator casue he couldnt stop laughing.

SIDE NOTE: NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are pulling gilmore girls off the air!!!:'(

We lose the certain things, while we seek the uncertain ones - Latin Proverb

Saturday, May 19, 2007

as one chapter ends, so must another begin

ARGH!!! all my shows are coming to the end of season. just finished watchin last ep of season 2 of supernatural and last 2 eps of scrubs season 6. and before that was last ep of season 7 of gilmore girls. and again before that the mr.brown show podcasts ended. and in 3 or 4 days i would have watched the last ep of heroes season 1. *sigh* and on top of that army would mark the end of my slacking and carefree days.

bright side i wouldnt have time to keep up with shows during my 6-month long bmt(half a yr of 5-day weeks and a possible freedom on weekends) and i'll probably not have time to spend all my 'pay' so guess i get a chance to save *srugs*

Life is easy. Its everything else thats problematic.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


and again he stood up. again he raised his sword and ran head first into battle. again he recived new wounds before the last could heal. again and again. untill the day the sun and moon shared the sky and the 4 horsemen came down from their hills and pierced the warrior through the heart with an arrow as black as the night, yet shone brighter than the sun itself.

and opon that day the battle weary warrior put down his blood soaked blade and left the battlefield he had come to love and to which he never intended to return to. but he might, one day.

Monday, May 7, 2007

back to basics

well its pretty much official. dad's gonna retire 2 days after my 19th birthday. and that means i have to start looking out for myself. *sigh* i really dont want to grow up, but looks like i have no choice. haha, dad said after my first 'pay' from army i have to start payin for my own trasport costs. which means my list of stuff i wanted to get with my 'pay' will have to wait a lil longer....

and on top of that my parrents want to move to Aquarius(there is some irony in that casue mom's star sign is aquarius, and dad's is both have a water theme) which is in Bedok. so guess after bmt i can look forward to long bus rides home from h2o(or cabing frequently) and of course brings up the question of wheather or not i'd continue to go for mass at CTK or just save myself the touble n go back to OLPS(not that there is anything wrong with OLPS, its just that CTK has a more active youth scene, plus i know more ppl there)

but on a brighter not pam added a media box to her friendster profile(its a slide show thingy with music, looks really cool! its pictures of her fam & friends with "Let Me Take You There" by Plain White T's). n some more i got my own pic with her, haha. feel so special!

SIDE NOTE: My horoscope on friendster; "Your relationship with money is about to go through an interesting phase" oh how i do love bittersweet irony.
SIDE NOTE: dont know why but im back to playing Balder's Gate, the first one. really weird but still fun....

'I know a place that we forgotten
A place where we won't get caught in
They won't know who we are
I know a place where we can hide out
And turn our hearts inside out
They won't know who we are' - Let Me Take You There by Plain White T's

Saturday, May 5, 2007

adversity, i laugh at thee!

watched spidey 3 today with cheryl, ed and daph. daph was unhappy that i wasnt supprised she came along. but she said its been a while since her last movie, too bad she was having some stomach craps. scared me a lil casue she looked very serious after the movie, but she said it was great.

and came home and didnt want to sleep(1am?!? no way!) so thought id watch freedom writers, been meaning to watch it for quite a bit. as for my rating (4 and a half stars, spidey gets 3) and to back up my rating my blanket has a quite a few dried tears as evidence.

and the main reason im bloggin tonight is casue i was about to go to bed and was goin to the toilet and instead walked into nic's 4th-5th worst nightmare, nic really stop readin now and close this window, you dont wanna know what happens, becky you n mich too!!celester if your reading this do the same.

i took my first step into the dark room. my impatience finally caused me some misfortune. my foot landed, just as the lights came on, with a splat sound. now initial logic deduced that the floor was wet and nothing more, though logic soon took a back seat as observation kicked in. the floor was dry. i lifted my foot slowly and to my horror it lay dieing on its back in a small pool of its own bodily fluids. the brown carcass lay there legs twitchin and holding on for life. ironic that its exoskeleton couldnt protect it from an unaware foot. uncontrolably i reacted the exact same way i do in every bad situation i ever encountered. i laughed. sadistic i know, but hey u have to ask yourself 'what else is there to do?'.

"When you cant run, you crawl, and when you cant do that, then you find someone to carry you." - Bvt. Captain Melcom Renolds, Independent Army, 57th Overlanders Brigade.

PS: yes i watched all the eps of Firefly and am pissed that FOX pulled it off the air, though i hope SciFi Channel does a second season.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bittersweet irony

ok here is a song i started a few months ago, n just did the second verse today, n am pretty pleased with it, so im being bold enough to show it.

Say hello to bittersweet irony
I wake up each morning to laugh at this tragedy
And this is my heart’s symphony
Made bare for all to see.

See how slowly
everything crumbles around me
As our worlds fall apart,
the breaking of our hearts
Internal torment
My soul’s Lament

Say hello to bittersweet irony
I wake up each morning to laugh at this tragedy
And this is my heart’s symphony
Made bare for all to see.

Turned my back on all I know
Wondering now where to go
Fake sweetness in her voice
Has left me now with no choice
Today’s compliment
Tomorrow’s argument

Say hello to bittersweet irony
I wake up each morning to laugh at this tragedy
And this is my heart’s symphony
Made bare for all to see.

full yet still hungry

hmmm.....think i was sick yesterday, and guess a lil today. somehow i can eat till im full n still be hungry a while later. anyways! 2 cravings down now! had green porridge yesterday! haha, was only green casue i was using freshly ground green pepper.

moving on, today had h2o at my place casue church was closed. and we had a special guest today; Cassandra from the Charasmatic Prayer group came to lead praise and worship, was pretty cool. and i was really into it today. plus mel had a crazy idea to use power point to display the lyrics, so i agreed and ended up bringing my computer downstairs(was pretty fun and ec, terence and ben were playin carbon casue they were bored, and since ben was the last one he kena scolding from jo for playin)

then after that we went for dinner at some indian restaurant(cannot remember the name, but it was near sembawang hill) and we had naan! i had to garlic ones with butter chicken masala and some tanduri chicken i shared with nic. it was all good! :) then we went to a near by play ground n me, nat, terence and ben had some fun on a 4 way see-saw. was a lil more fun when timmy jumped in the center n we were tryin to make him and nat fall off.

SIDE NOTE: i finally have bowling for soup!!! :D!!!!

And as the water flows down from the mountain and into the sea, and as the sea returns to the clouds and then backt to the mountain top. So does my spirit flow down to you.