Friday, October 31, 2008


Do you ever stop to count all the invitations
At the end of the day when it comes down to one decision
Of dead beat girls and freaks at a peoples convention,
All these sugars with no vitamin sensation.

Do you ever stop to look over old relations,
Or look to the belly of another one's emotions,
Someone young in the winds of a revolution
Trying to save his face in the evolution.

Asleep at the wheel,
No windshield,
But you know that the streets
Here don't change.

He's kept alive in the chain of mental starvation,
Bone rail skinny, only feeding off frustration.
Unlike you who seem bred from corruption
Feeding off the plates of an ununited nation.

Asleep at the wheel,
No windshield,
But you know that the streets
Here don't change.

With a lover in the street whose waiting to make a connection
To be the mother to the soul of your next abortion,
She'll steal your money with the eyes of a baby's complexion
Then she'll laugh at you and your sexual invention.

Smelling like a rose, in the flowers of devotion,
Devoted the heat of a spotlight in motion,
With a face full of mud even though you were only joking
As if you really understood the value of isolation.

Asleep at the wheel,
No windshield,
But you know that the streets
Here don't change.

Your tongue so fast like a freight train coming on rollin'
Every smile you give's just to keep your mouth from closing
Every engine burns as a sign of the explosion
Locked in neutral your engines are broken.

Like candle wax that sun melts into the ocean,
Like the moon that lights the tracks of the old train station,
You can color in the lines of mother earth's addictions,
And not hold a gun in the face of the Earth's abduction

Asleep at the wheel,
No windshield,
But you know that the streets
Here don't change.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where you least expect(edited)

you know how they say you usually find what you are looking for in the last place you would look? dont you just HATE it when that happens!

was running late for dinner at pam's place, since i woke up like 20 min late(luckily pam and her mom offered to pick me up) and since i was late and they would be at my place in 5 min i frantically grabbed my essentials(phone, wallet and keys) keys were no where in sight. now my usual habit its to put it somewhere on my table(just on a pile of stuff) or on the table downstairs. it was in neither and i was already really late. so i said screw it and went out the back door.

when i got home i continued my search. i began by sweeping the first floor(including the bin and washing machine just in case) after deducing it was not there i began the search in my room. since the standard state of my room is a mess i have become quite efficient at going through the piles and piles of stuff. basically just transfer the whole pile, item by item, to another part of my room. same applies to my desk(i also went through my cupboards and toilet). now after a good hour i thought i would give the first floor another go before calling it quits for the night.

obviously unfruitful i locked up and went upstairs to sleep. and then as it struck me. i hadnt searched my bed yet. and as soon as i removed my blanket there were my keys sitting and starting at me.

P.S: i think i need a new key chain(half the gems in mine have fallen off)
P.P.S: better now?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long and Overdue

i know i've been silent for a long while. first was just too tired with work to do anything. then wanted to pic blog n blog bout my trip in perth. but didnt take that many photos. have some of these stunt drivers in their Hilux and some of fireworks, think may have a couple more. havent even transferred them to my com. still trying to catch up with heroes and supernatural(not going into gossip girl cause havent even completed season 1).

and now after going to perth, im kinda in a dilemma. well technically i've always been in this dilemma but going to perth kinda threw it to the top of my priorities list(which is kinda long! haha)

3 options, 3 paths, 3 different expirences. honestly i would have to say that this is the biggest dicision of my life, and im just so lost. I want to go, but there are things holding me here. I want to stay but there are things drawing me there. I could go then stay, but would it be the same? would i still have the same reasons for staying. I always thought it would be an easy choice, like as if i would deffinatly do option 3. but much has changed in that short time. the world has turned and left me here. will it do it again?

everything will change soon; i've never been one for change. no matter how i always found my own way through the simplest of problems, always being so sure of my direction, taking a leap of faith and running with it. most of the time i came out on top, but there were those bad days that things kinda fell apart. but i still had fun; i always fought till the end, even when i knew things wouldnt work out.

work is crushing my soul. in my time here, i've seen the best of people and the worst of the low-lives. the strenght of selflessness, the extent of selfishness. the most honest and the outrageously hypothetical. and just when i think i can breath again, more nonsense comes up. its really sickening...

I love my job. I hate my work.

PS: im really glad. i didnt know if we could pick up where we left off. apparently we can, tonight was like old times again. welcome back.