Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reasons not to get up in the morning

#1: Thought class was at 8am, in the end was at 845
#2: Felt faint the whole morning (probably due to the fever)
#3: Forgot my whisk(s)
#4: Messed up the filleting
#5: Over roasted the potatoes
#6: Over dried the tomatoes
#7: Over whipped the Meringue
#8: Skin stuck to the pan
#9: Burned the butter and onions
#10: Didn't cook the asparagus properly
#11: Fish ended up being naked
#12: Took me 10 min to plate
#13: Over seasoned potatoes
#14: Sour tasting tomatoes
#15: Connsume looked like chicken broth

Reasons to get up in the morning:
#1: Because you believe in us.

Thank you chef daisy for all you guidance and support over the past 2 terms, you really have been a mother figure to us, always scolding and nagging at us, we will miss you a lot. =)