Thursday, April 22, 2010

$35 - Part 1

*takes deep breath*

*blows hard*

*cough* *cough* *cough*

yeah, sorry guys for not blogging for ages, life's been either too mundane or too "hush hush", so dont want to blog bout the first one and cant blog bout the second one! haha.

so here is a lil peak into my day!

the usual struggle between me and my blanket (speaking of!! my mom brought back my suade, least i think it was suade, quilt! hehe!!) the blanket had me pinned down from 6am. finally at 640 i broke free of its sleeper hold (pun fully intended) did my usual 20min ritual, and 5min of fb (quick sound of the horn, been stuck in the damn dojo for a month now trying to rack up tokens, about half way there...)

*skips mundane commute to work*

since we were having some SMU function (86+1 paxs) so didnt think would have to do the normal stuff, but xiang said just do, then later when chef came he said its all in the way, so put one side first...

service was crazy, had to learn how to do everything banquet style (and you know the saying of "too many chef spoil the batter" yeah, cant work when 3 people want to do your job, cause they think it will be faster, when really they just crowd your table and mess up your rhythm)

first was the soups, thought would be just me and xiang pouring, then suddenly one of the other guys steps in, and since he was blocking my way to the rest of the soup jugs, all i could do was stand there, then like after the first tray goes out, the damn potage (soup guy) decides to be proud of his soup and pour himself, so i have NO bloody space to do anything and just end up blocking the way, then when i go to try and fill the rest of the trays, the bugger has the guts to scold me...sigh,

second up was the mains, first mabel wanted to put the parsley on the chicken, which i really didnt bother about at the time and was only worried that she might block me, cause of the awkward position of the table (it only allowed for one person to hand off the plates, and that was me. at first was a bit rocky, cause had to focus on putting parsley and wiping the plates, then once i found my groove of "left hand take plate, right put parsley, right wipe rim" every thing was fine (except my back, since the damn table is shorter than my hip) then came the annoyance of half the plates coming with sauce and the other half without, was sorted out by adam helping me put sauce so i could flow. then my 'hero' joseph steps in, and due to the small space almost pushes me away from the table so it made its damn hard for me to work or concentrate...

NVM, every plate was out, and it was only 1pm, chef told me to settle everything the dismiss the guys, so since we needed to do some prep for tmr, i thought it would be better if we did the prep then threw out the garbage since the prep would cause some pile up, and we all wanted to eat the leftover mains. so dilly dally and all that, in the end only got changed at 220. then xiang tells us to meet at 430 at harbourfront for the job at sentosa later that night.

so to kill time we all just went to harbourfront first, since 2hrs isnt that much time.

*end of part 1*