Saturday, November 24, 2007

Counting down the days

yes!! final stretch! 17 more days to POP. cant believe i've been in army for almost 6 months and that training is almost over. and i just watched 2 movies in a row with a couple of my platoon mates, 26 bucks well spent haha!

on to less army related matters...i've been reflecting on a decision i had to make while i was in camp(spent like 3 nights thinking about it) and i've decided, im goin to do it, now i just need to figure out the execution...this will be fun...

sigh, rumors are out, report on the17th, damn, hope i get 22nd off.

SIDE NOTE: i need a new long sleeve shirt, one that looks nice and fits nice(dropped about a size btw, and very proud of it) so shopping anyone? someone with taste preferred...becky? mich?
That how WE do it.Just cause we can