Wednesday, July 4, 2007

bored no more

pam n cheryl came over today to visit me =) haha, had the most fun since sunday(concidering i was in hosp the whole time)

we played pirated spongebob monopoly(pam won by default, never play monopoly with a tax collector. it doenst end well) which we abandoned half way casue of char seiw bao(and no i didnt eat any, still on the no oily or milky stuff thing) we also made floats(cheryl had a root beer one, pam had one with sprite and mine had no ice cream in it, haha)

spent most of the time after that gossiping. then that got boring so we started doin random stuff and cheryl took some pic(couple of me killin pam, couple of her killin pam....haha) all in all had a good time. thanks you two =)

some pictures:
cheryl's money
my money
pam's money(very messy rite? tsk tsk)
the char seiw baos came, so game stopped. haha