Sunday, July 22, 2007

tekong cough

my bloody tekong cough is damn irritating. on monday the food didnt suck for once, we had nasi berani, and it was least compared to the rest of the week's food.

now on to more happier things, my book out. haha. didnt plan anything in advance this week, thouh we kinda ended up doin the same thing as last week. CS, pool and a movie. played cs at peace center with nic, jo, ben, julia, daph, aloy and chris(though he got bored every now and then so he kept changing game, and so to just screw with him i told him to log into my shattered galaxy account to irritate him casue i knew he wouldnt know what was goin on)

then after that we went for dinner at the food court, we all had wester on recomndation by julia. i had lamb chop and it was good. havent had lamb in over a month! yay! then julia suddenly asked if we wanted to watch transformers(and that began one long journey)

first we thought we would go to bishan and watch, just simpler for everyone to go home(me, nic, julia) and in the mrt station there was an axs station so i though we should check the times, and lo and behold bisahn only had 1145 or so and was only left with first row. so ok, nvm thought we'd go to cathay. and then cathay had no screenings of transformers. so ok, try plaza sing. also only first row left and next show was at 230.

so ok bit demoralised(nic was kinda ok with it, but julia didnt want to go home so early and i didnt want to waste my book out) so went back to the axs to check times and came between yishun and marina, or watch after mass. long story short we went to marina to watch the 0025 screening. and we go there about 1050 or so, and julia wanted to draw some money so we checked the directory n didnt find any dbs/posb so ok, thought nvm just go get the tickets first, in the end the dbs atm was just outised the cinema area. and since we had like an hour to blow we went to play a few rounds of pool. cause was either bowling,(julia was wearing slippers and nic was lazy to take of his converse high cut) arcade,(no one seemed interested) or pool(obvious choice).

SIDE NOTE: i know its technically a day late, but been busy ok, anyway, happy birthday pammy wammy, haha!