Saturday, July 7, 2007

thank you my dears

yay! finally off mc. thus off house arrest. and im doin fine! i CAN take oily and milky stuff now. so happy! the one part i hate about being sick is not being able to eat what i want when i want(more or less the loss of my freedom)

yesterday the best friends a guy could have came over again. and they brought my shadow along, though it was an hour late. and they are getting the whole 'just walk in policy' haha. played starwars monopoly but wasnt fun casue no one was losing(i.e pam wasnt winning) and team random(aka the dark side) thought they had the upper hand casue they had more properties, but the rebels had more money. so in the end we just gave up(casue it was boring, and casue we got side tracked with gossip and forgot whos turn it was, so we just kept on gossiping)

today goin shoppin(with my darling cuz) for something for someone, haha. since everyone else is at the CAYC thing. but thats ok, mom wants to celebrate my birthday today since she wont be around next week, and since 47 is comin here any way.

love how things just work out.

SIDE NOTE: ed is a bad banker. stick with psycology. haha