Sunday, July 8, 2007

resort living

yes, goin back to my resort soon, haha.

so sad, early book in so cant go play lan with everyone, haha. have a carbine round dedicated to me ok? haha. but was ok, spent the afternoon after church following daph around AMK hub lookin for a new phone. and had lunch with her and peter at mos burger. since everyone else had something to do and was the first time she didnt have to spend sunday afternoon with her family(and i didnt want to go home so early haha)

as you can see i brought back the music section, just casue i was lookin for this song since i heard it on the radio and my cuz just randomly sends me the link! what odds. haha. but really happy that i found it, been watchin it over and over again =) especially love the acoustic bit, but thats just me haha.


SIDE NOTE: thank you to the 2 darlings who came to see me. and to my shadow for stoppin by too. and to my 2 dear cousins who gate crashed my birthday party thing, haha. =)