Sunday, July 15, 2007


attended mass with julia, ther, ed, eddy and was a lil surprised, expected more people, but then again i came early(when im early there is usually almost nobody, or very little people i know there. but when im late almost everyone is there)

n after went for another 'impromptu' round of cs with ther, ed, daph and peter(who kept changing sides) at first was ther and ed vs the rest and then we kinda realised ther was kinda good, so went to the good old Eagle vs the rest. and ever now and then ther would complain when she died. then one of her frens came so we did a rebalace and was me, ther and her fren vs ed, daph and peter.

lots of mindless killing, good fun. haha. after that talked a bit with daph on the way to amk hub casue had to meet mu cuz for new york new york(and so the bitching begins)

the food was only MILDLY ok. we had a steak and the ribs. the wedges that came with them were good, the actual meat wasnt that nice. my cuz said the ribs tasted like char siew and the steak was quite bland, plus the mushroom sauce that came with it wasnt that nice. the float wasnt the spectacular either and the serve normal soft drinks from a can(for what ever reason i dont care, but i find it a little unprofessional) and the waffle was horrible(the honey tasted like they froze it and the thawed it, the ice cream was brittle, how i have no idea and the powder sugar the sprinkled on was really unnecessary and just made it taste bad)

half for taste, 1 for atmosphere, quarter for service, 1 for presentation, half for price. TOTAL: 3 and a quarter. we were considering giving it a second chance but the waffle was the final nail in the coffin.(end of bitching)

after that horrible experience we went to swensens to remember what dessert was supposed to taste like.

First time, ignorant. Second time negligent.