Sunday, September 30, 2007


just burnt like an hour changing the stickam playlist, sigh, 'oh wells'. i guess. well cant say i didnt try to get a lvl 30 druid in 1 week end(only got to 24). but guess i didnt really play that much. and either way got my beloved maul(not a super duper one but a pretty good one) and i know that half the people who are reading this probably either dont understand what im typing or dont really care, well if u have read this much then guess u have to care a little...

Whatever, i had a good run. and not like booking in is the end of the world. there is always next weekend, and the one after that. There is still time....

SIDE NOTE: i didnt realise there was a button to change the order of your playlist on stickam, bright side i have learnt how to manually change the order =)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

songs i would like to dedicate becasue:

i did this list thingy cause i was bored of my book and was listening to my iPod. its a list of songs i happened to be listening to(and some i went to hunt down) and just thought id like to dedicate to people in my life. for added fun, no names will be used, only the reason or something vague.

1) Someone who got over a bad relationship. Over You by Daughtry
2) Someone who got hurt and loves enough to forgive. When Your Gone by Avril Lavigne
3) Someone who cares enough to force me to face my past. This Boy by James Morrison
4) A bitter reminder to keep somethings to myself. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
5) Someone who might be avoiding me(either way i shouldn't care). Disconnected by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
6) Someone whose hand i want to hold. Far Away by Nickelback
7) Someone whose hand i once held, and will gladly hold again. Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
8) Someone whose fate is intertwined with mine. Until The Day I Die by Story Of The Year
9) Someone i can talk too much crap to. Cant Repeat by The Offspring
10) People who need to be free more often. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry

Haha, told you i was bored.

SIDE NOTE: a lil heads up, this will be my new playlist for my Stickam as soon as i find the time and patience to change it.(was supposed to change last week but couldnt be bothered)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

stories of marriage

Story 1:

There is a married couple and the wife is constantly nagging at the husband for something or rather. and each time she does, the husband will take out the marriage certificate and look closely at it, the front the back, all over. even taking a magnifying glass to closely examine it. so one day , being quite fed up with him, the wife asked him why he constantly did this.

"I'm looking for the expiry date on it"

Story 2:

Similar situation as story 1, but this time its the husband who is the pain. he is always 'correcting' his wife. and each time he does this she would always go to the toilet. eventually the husband got quite irritated and asked her why she always did it.

Wife: clean toilet
Husband: why do you always clean the toilet when i correct you?
Wife: i use your toothbrush


Saturday, September 15, 2007

reasons i should NOT be alone

trust me this its not as bad as it sounds, and i know its really embarrassing, but hey, since when did i care? and more or less im bored so im more intent of making fun of people.

got up at like 7ish this morning(seriously cant sleep in since joining army) and went about my usual stuff, played my online game for a while, then kena server maint, so thought id go watch a movie. happened to check GV times for evan almighty and it said 930(this was at 9). so thought shiok! rush shower n change n go watch.

i get to GV bishan at like 940 and i get a little worried casue the shutters are still down, so thought 'never mind, walk walk a bit' so walk around a closed shopping center for about 30min then sit down to have a drink. and suddenly im reminded that you can check GV times at the AXS machine at the bus interchange, so i scull my bandung(and get mild brain freeze in the process) and rush down. and lo and behold the movie time was 2130!

so i just pretended there was nothing wrong and went back home. all natural and what not. and went to recheck the time and realise it says: 930PM. so carry on with my game, just take it as morning PT. and someone starts buggin me to lend him some of my gear so realise im relativly bored n stop playing and just stone at my computer for the next couple of hours, checked movie times again n saw that Lido had a 3pm show for last legion(one of the many shows i have been meaning to watch)

so get a lil excited n start to call up my usual group. then remembered eddy had a gig, nic n chris goin for a gig, tim was just lazy, and didnt bother asking further than that casue all the answers would be 'too busy' or 'i dont like watching movie on weekends'(hehe)

*this next part is so sad im laughing*(and yes im laughing at myself. im not crazy, sometimes)

so mustered up the 3 musketeers; me, myself and i. we hopped on a bus n rushed down as fast as we could to lido and got just 1 ticket! but got my salted popcorn with butter!(those who have studied under me know my mantra: butter is better!)

movie ended at bout 440 so was too late to go disturb the people meeting at bugis so took out my ipod and went for a nice walk, first to borders to look for my next book, but they didnt have it so went upstairs n just walked around and ended up on the other side. then felt like goin to paragon's market place(the most wonderful place on earth, hehe) and spent a good half hour in there briefly going through the isles. then thought id be brave and adventurous and scout out the rest of the basement. and fell in love with it. so many good places to eat.

but all good things must come to an end, so to prolong it i moved over to taka! and spent a good 20 min in the basement before going up to the bookstore to finally get my book. and ended my great escapade there casue didnt want to spend any more money, haha.

and followed up my walk with rotting on the couch watching the second half of high school musical 2. =)

SIDE NOTE: i dont think there is something wrong with me. i KNOW there is something wrong with me.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

happy birthday dude

hey, happy 20th bday ant. and also a shout out to ben chia, happy bday too.

SIDE NOTE: i realised an odd similarity in the last 2 supprise birthday parties i helped out in. and its pretty funny. haha.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Shine Jesus Shine 07

no time to blog now so just pictures for now. most self explanatory. good night!!!

SIDE NOTE: pam: =p

Saturday, September 1, 2007

for your entertainment only

was on my was back home from camp n just happened to message pam casue she told me to tell her when i take my next medical leave. and she jumped and asked if i wanted lunch, which fortunately for me i didnt get on my island.

so went down from pasir ris to her place, n then she asks me to just walk in and close the gate n door behind me(which felt slightly weird)

then we went to this place in serangoon(one of the parts that i havent been to since i was class skipping back in pri sch, becky please dont tell mom) and we were gonna have this chicken dish with rice and some fish soup. but when we got there it looked like it was gonna close and then when we asked(well she asked in chinese) they said they were out of fish so we just got a big bowl of the chicken n shared. n while waiting for the food i took out my canteen(green army water bottle) and she thought i was cool(who doesnt)

then while eating someone starts craving for cheese fries(god knows how chinese cooked chicken and cheese fries are connected) so head over to heartland mall where we walk off lunch before eating cheese fries and start fighting with forks(she started it)

SIDE NOTE: we all go thru it. but guess some worse then others and for diff periods of time. just know that there are people around who are willing to listen when ever you feel like talking.
SIDE NOTE: haha, you should see what i got you, its haha!