Sunday, September 30, 2007


just burnt like an hour changing the stickam playlist, sigh, 'oh wells'. i guess. well cant say i didnt try to get a lvl 30 druid in 1 week end(only got to 24). but guess i didnt really play that much. and either way got my beloved maul(not a super duper one but a pretty good one) and i know that half the people who are reading this probably either dont understand what im typing or dont really care, well if u have read this much then guess u have to care a little...

Whatever, i had a good run. and not like booking in is the end of the world. there is always next weekend, and the one after that. There is still time....

SIDE NOTE: i didnt realise there was a button to change the order of your playlist on stickam, bright side i have learnt how to manually change the order =)