Saturday, September 29, 2007

songs i would like to dedicate becasue:

i did this list thingy cause i was bored of my book and was listening to my iPod. its a list of songs i happened to be listening to(and some i went to hunt down) and just thought id like to dedicate to people in my life. for added fun, no names will be used, only the reason or something vague.

1) Someone who got over a bad relationship. Over You by Daughtry
2) Someone who got hurt and loves enough to forgive. When Your Gone by Avril Lavigne
3) Someone who cares enough to force me to face my past. This Boy by James Morrison
4) A bitter reminder to keep somethings to myself. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
5) Someone who might be avoiding me(either way i shouldn't care). Disconnected by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
6) Someone whose hand i want to hold. Far Away by Nickelback
7) Someone whose hand i once held, and will gladly hold again. Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
8) Someone whose fate is intertwined with mine. Until The Day I Die by Story Of The Year
9) Someone i can talk too much crap to. Cant Repeat by The Offspring
10) People who need to be free more often. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry

Haha, told you i was bored.

SIDE NOTE: a lil heads up, this will be my new playlist for my Stickam as soon as i find the time and patience to change it.(was supposed to change last week but couldnt be bothered)