Thursday, November 8, 2007


and how do we celebrate it? late night prata with as many indian friends as we can muster. haha! so yeah, obviously i was at prata house with excess and was quite happy that most of them i asked came down(all except our dear daisy who when she was close by decided she was too lazy to go!)

oh and jo said something to one of the prata house guys and he said 'yes aunty'! and was at a point that the place happened to be quite enough for everyone to hear and he said it quite loud, and we all just burst out laughing! haha, sorry jo...

and since i got out early enough i had dinner with pam. haha, been craving kfc for so damn long, and some one i really damn impatient loh! and then there was the mystery of the missing old chang kee chicken wing. and bitching bout people at the bus stop.and watched her cash her cheque and complain bout only gettin it on monday, while i in turn complained bout my allowance only coming in a few days time so cant spend it till 16th(im hoping 15th to compensate the weekend burn)

and as we were lining up to get some bubble tea we started talking bout that mini ball ice cream thing. then i started on how its more ice then cream and that ice cream is supposed to be creamy and what not. and she turned to me and asked 'are you whining?' 'yes'


SIDE NOTE: was in the train with daisy on the way to sim lim on sunday and she brought up an interesting point. the 3 people im closest to in church are all in YLM. and she said maybe im being prompted to move over. que sera sera.eddy couldnt believe he missed the 'aunty' thing
just look at nic's eyes. yeah, there is definitely a connection. haha!to marie: i forsee a 3 way soon, haha!