Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Why cant we be ourselves like we were yesterday"

To: You

its so random, haha. why would i suddenly think of you after so long. went looking for your blog again (no such luck) though if i remember its been a while since you updated anyway. Didnt wish you happy birthday last year. was kinda caught up in stuff. wonder how you've been. saw the poster for the netball championships thing, reminded me of you. haha! not as if you'll ever read this. damn weird that im thinking of you. haha. again, sorry.


its so weird, to suddenly miss someone you havent talked to in years. but guess if you could control your emotions, things wouldnt be as interesting right? listening to Bizarre Love Triangle again, after so long. not sure if i remember that song cause of the above person or vice-versa. "oh wells" eh. haha. so much on my plate (school, church, 2 bands) why am i worrying about this? haha!


Anonymous said...

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