Friday, January 29, 2010

Personal Problems Aside

hmm, been contemplating to set-up another blog for a long while. haha, but cant be bothered! haha! so guess i'll stick to this one!

and enough of the emo stuff, lets see if i can still blog like i used to...

typical friday, IS in the morning (french onion soup, clam chowder and a salad. which all became lunch) got my usual scolding from XL for drinking soft drinks, but really couldn't stay awake...FHH was ok cause of the usual non sense in class, couldn't understand a thing in cost control (though i did burst chef niwaz's bubble when he talked bout ion....speaking of which, val still owes me a jalan jalan session!) fell asleep during demo again, lucky chef daisy gives us the ingredients first now a days, more or less can figure out the order. either way, tmr should be fast.

kinda getting lazy about alot of things (or maybe its sian of somethings, haha, cant tell the diff) still not even sure if i want to enter the sea bass competition, i kinda already have my plan all out, but form the looks of it, chef isnt very supportive of it. haiz, dont know what to do...about alot of things, haha!

least im still keeping my head above water!


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